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4 eps growth stocks under $0.08, non diluted and have good insider holdings

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By mrduediligence

Posted: Thursday Sep 11 12:42:46PM 2014

I'm going to start a seperate KFG forum once Q1 is released in a couple weeks. But for now I will post any news release or info on here. Anyway a good update today. Now the company has 24 wells in production with 3-4 to drill by year end. Best part is it costs $0 for KFG to drill these and we get paid.


KFG Resources starts completion work at Barnum

2014-09-11 07:36 MT - News Release

Mr. Robert Kadane reports


KFG Resources Ltd.'s wholly owned subsidiary, KFG Petroleum Corp., of Natchez, Miss., has started completion operations on its Barnum well in Adams county, Mississippi.
Initial production rate from the Parker sand (a semi-depleted zone) is 40 barrels of oil per day.
KFG has three new projects ready to drill this fall -- two in Franklin county, Mississippi, and one in Adams county, Mississippi. If time permits, there will be additional drilling at Fayette field in Jefferson county, Mississippi.
The Craig No. 3 well, at the LaGrange field, has stabilized production at 50 barrels of oil per day. It is anticipated that a west offset will be drilled before year-end.
In all these wells, KFG has a 10-per-cent working interest, reverting to 21.5 per cent at payout.
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By mrduediligence

Posted: Thursday Aug 28 5:21:06PM 2014

KFG Year End Results, Ending April 30th 2014


This will be the last year KFG produces at less than 100bopd. Given the new rates which started early June and new reservoir discovery over July, the company is easily producing at double the average for 2013. Q1 results will be out in exactly a month which will show a significant increase from last year's Q1 and Q4, then Q2 will be even higher given the payout times. Every quarter KFG should be increase in production from now on.


Price: $0.10

Shares Outstanding: 50,584,144

Insider Holdings: 10%

Options and warrants: 0





Cash: $1,205,750

Accounts Receivable: $577,215

Marketable Securities: $476

Prepaid Expenses: $14,486

Reclamation Bond: $20,000

Property and Equipment: $1,199,375

Total Assets: $3,017302



Accounts Payable: $700,604

Deposits from Co-owners: $178,978

Total Liabilities: $879,582


-Assets grew by $500,000 year over year. Then if you include the reserve growth and new potential, it's been a real transition of a year.


- The reason for the drop in oil revenues is very easy to explain. When KFG's main property paid out last year, the interest went from 100% to 75%. This loss was made up over 2013 but it took some time. Now of course we have exceeded it by quite a bit.



(2013)Oil and gas: $2,240,754                  (2012)$2,925,253

(2013)Management Fees: $419,014                     (2012)$120,626

(2013)Expenses: $2,586,411                           (2012)$2,961,875

(2013)Net Income: $67,467                                   (2012)$76,164

(2013)EPS: $0.0013c                                             (2012)$0.0015c


Overall not bad given the circumstances over the year. Oil revenue was down quite a bit, but we picked up on the management side, going from 15 wells to 22 and now 24 in production with many more to do.




MD&A Highlights


Overall the Company has recovered from giving up 25% of its interested in the Fayette Field wells at payout. Currently, with the MacNeil wells and Craig wells at payout, revenues are on a growth pattern again. The Company was able to grow just utilizing cash flow. Several new projects are in the pipeline and the Craig #3 well will payout in the next few months increasing that revenue stream. KFG will have no problems financing growth through its internal cash flow throughout the remainder of its fiscal year ending April 30, 2015.


For the year ended April 30, 2014, the Company had cash flow from oil and gas production of $1,482,016, compared to $1,823,195 for the year ended April 30, 2013. Oil production decreased from 92.02 BOPD to 71.79 BOPD, and gas production

decreased 3 MCF per day. The average price increased $1.06 per MCF and the average price of crude oil decreased $3 per bbl when comparing the year ended April 30, 2014 to April 30, 2013.


Revenue from the sale of oil and gas was $2,240,754 for the year ended April 30, 2014, compared to $2,925,253 for the year ended April 30, 2013. The decrease in revenue is a result of lower prices and production primarily because oil revenues at Fayette were reduced by approximately 25% when the property paid out and triggered a revision of KFG’s interest from 100% to 74.9%.


Management fee revenue for the year ended April 30, 2014 was $419,014 as compared to $120,626 for the year ended April 30, 2013. The increase is a result of all of the wells drilled during the year. Overhead charges are for the drilling and completion of wells. Also, each new well incurred monthly overhead charges to operate the wells. KFG also received overhead charges on wells operated for other parties.


The Company reported a net income of $67,467 for the year ended April 30, 2014 compared to net income of $76,164 for the year ended April 30, 2013, with the decrease in net income a result of lower production rates during the year and an increase in general and administration expenses.


In April 2013, the Dale lease went off production just after the Fayette wells paid out – reducing the Company’s interest by 25% as a result production and prices fell. In August 2013, the MacNeil #3 helped get production back on track, but bad weather and price weakness hampered production. IN November 2013,, Craig #1 went on production and in February 2014, the Craig #2 went on production. But the Dale lease was still shut in. As of late March 2014, the Parker #4 went on production. The Dale lease went back on production in April 2014. Three events have occurred recently. The MacNeil #2 and #3 paid out and KFG’s interest went to 21.5% from 8% and the Craig #1 and #2 paid out and KFG’s interest went to 21.5% from 10%. And lastly, the Craig #3 was put on production (KFG’s interest is 10% until payout). The quarter ended April 30, 2014 benefited from all the field work as overhead income increased substantially.


Liquidity and Capital Resources


The Company’s main sources of liquidity are internally-generated cash flow from its oil and gas operations and access to equity capital markets. Because KFG’s internally-generated cash flow is presently sufficient to fund its overall operating expenses, the Company will not require continued additional funding in order to execute on its business strategy. The Company anticipates that public capital markets will serve as the principal source of capital to finance its future oil and gas activities and/or significant property purchases. Changes in the capital markets, including a decline in the prices of natural gas

and oil, could materially and adversely impact on KFG’s ability to complete further equity financings, with the result that the Company may be forced to scale back its operational activities.


Fourth Quarter


In February 2014, the Craig #2 well was put on production. Initial production was 80 BOPD throughout the quarter. In March 2014, the Parker #3 and Parker #4 were put on production producing a combined total of 100 BOPD. KFG has a 21.5% working interest in the Craig #2 well and a 10% working interest in the Parker wells. Also the Dale lease in Louisiana was put back on production for 25 BOPD. KFG’s interest in those wells averaged 18% at April 30, 2014. The Craig and Parker wells are in Adams Co., Mississippi.




Production at Fayette is stable and has started a slow decline. With the Dale lease back on production and new production coming off the Craig and Parker leases, KFG will have adequate internal cash flow to develop existing leases as well as support several new prospects in the coming months. Unless the price of oil collapses, the Company will generate sufficient capital to fund its requirements throughout 2014 internally.



By mrduediligence

Posted: Thursday Aug 28 4:17:58PM 2014

KFG 51-101 Ending April 30th 2014


Before reading, please keep in mind that these reserves have already increased substantially since the report was done. This is due to the Craig 1 & 2 wells, along with the Macneil 2 & 3 wells paying out early June. Interests went from 10% to 21.5% and that means additional reserves for the company. As well, during the summer KFG found a new reservoir drilling Craig 3 and will likely find some new reserves with Barnum, Seale and any other wells drilled between now and April 30th 2015.


The reserves below are split up between KFG and it's partners.


Light Oil

Proved Reserves - 381,400 *** 89,200 barrels NET to KFG

Probable Reserves - 231,600*** 64,400 barrels NET to KFG

Natural Gas

Proved Reserves - 35,200***3,300BOED NET to KFG


Total: 613,000***153,600 barrels NET to KFG and 3,300 boed of nat gas


NPV(Net Present Value) Before Tax - $8,599,000USD

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Aug 13 9:15:31AM 2014


Tara is still around but isn't posting on boards anymore.  Too bad because I always enjoyed his informative posts.  I'm going to try to come onto the boards more often and post more thoughts and ideas.  Been kind of stuck in some large positions this summer so liquidity has been challenging.  KFG does look interesting so I'll have to do some more DD.

By mrduediligence

Posted: Saturday Aug 2 12:20:43PM 2014

Just wanted to mention an update on one of the plays KFG.V, which is an oil based junior in the Southern US. Since my last posting on the company, the stock price has almost quadrupled (from .04c to .14c) and things are only starting. Now the company has over 20 producing wells with one on the go and a few more being planned to drill. In June several wells paid out and there was news this week, so production is around 160bopd(brent oil price). 


Below is a breakdown of production numbers and the dates the news were released on. My year end target(December) is $0.35c for the stock. I believe this will happen as more wells are going to be drilled and payouts of these wells increase as well. 200bopd is the target production which we are already close to. If you don't believe me, look at MAH.V, another TSXV stock drilling in the US. 190bopd and slightly more oustanding shares and it trades over 30c.


July 31 2014 - Craig 1,2,3 - 240bopd @ 21.5% and 10% = 41bopd

June 12 2014 - Macneil 2,3 - 60 - 70bopd @ 21.5% = 13 - 15bopd

June 12 2014 - Parker 1,2,3,4 - 130bopd @ 10% = 13bopd

April 1 2014(MD&A) - 9 Fayette wells - 120 - 130bopd @ 75% = 90 - 98bopd

April 1 2014(MD&A) - Dale well - Put back on end of Q3, production unknown

April 1 2014(website) - Roundtree - 15bopd @ 12.5% = 2bopd (29% at payout 2015)

April 1 2014(website) - Miller 1 - 15bopd @ 4% = 1bopd(18% at payout)

Wells Being worked on:

Barnum 2 - Salt water dispoal well being put in. Will be producing shortly

Seale(New area) - Approved by Mississippi, waiting to be drilled

For this calculation I am taking the low ranges on the production numbers and cannot include the Dale lease well because we won't know production from that site until Q4 results are released end of August. Year end results will be out in less than a month. However, the full impact of KFG's wells that payed out won't be felt until Q1/Q2 of 2014.

Daily revenue estimated calculation using Brent pricing at only $100 per barrel

Macneil(13) + Parker(13) + Craig(41) + Fayette(90) + Roundtree(2) + Miller(1) = 160bopd.

160bopd X $100 per barrel = $16,000 per day revenue or close to $500,000 per month.


By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday May 13 8:16:25PM 2014

Yes, whatever happened to Tara? I hope nothing tragic. Thats one of the negatives about these boards. We don't really know who anyone is. I use my real first name and  Doren knows who I am.

By mrduediligence

Posted: Tuesday May 13 6:37:36AM 2014

Not sure if we are allowed to post CNSX stocks on the forum, so I am posting this other pick in here. Very inexpensive IT/Software play that had some goos results yesterday. Highlights below:


Q2 Financials and MD&A Highlights as of March 31, 2014

 Symbol: GTI.C

Price: $0.02

Common Shares: 48,421,510

Insider Holdings: 29,562,742 (68.5%) as per

 Company website -



Cash: $213,859

Accounts Receivable: $888,627

Inventory: $1,619

Prepaid Expenses: 22,653

Property/Equipment: $57,443

Total Assets: $1,184,201



Accounts Payable: $846,170

Deferred Revenue - $81,910

Loans Payable - $385,070

Deferred Rent - $41,688

Total Liabilities: $1,354,830


Q1 2014 Earnings: $ 125,000 (Not including 1 time sale of $107,000) = $232,000

Q2 2014 Earnings: $ 117,100


6 month revenue: $3,100,560

Gross Profit: $931,826

Net Income: $349,164


MD&A Highlights


Glenbriar Technologies Inc. (CSE: GTI) is a leading provider of business technology solutions for successful enterprises in manufacturing, distribution, retail, energy, health, education, dealership, professional services and real estate. From its offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Waterloo, Glenbriar’s staff of IT professionals and software developers design, manage and support solutions that include IT Services, Cloud Services, Portals &

Collaboration, Unified Communications and Software Services


Glenbriar sold its Peartree Dealership product effective December 31, 2013 for total proceeds of $107,000 to Blue Skies Business Solutions Inc. of Waterloo. Blue Skies is wholly owned by Roy Clarke of Waterloo, who was the principal architect of the software product. This product represented less than 4% of Glenbriar’s total

revenue, and was determined to no longer represent a strategic asset by the board of directors. The terms of the agreement provide for a seamless transition for users, and allow for more product development going forward than if Glenbriar had retained the product. Glenbriar retained its information technology consulting relationships with Peartree Dealership clients who used those services


Glenbriar is currently implementing comprehensive SharePoint solutions for clients in energy regulation, energy and health care. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) oversees the safe, sustainable and reliable operation of Ontario’s power system. IESO also manages Ontario’s wholesale electricity market to balance the supply and demand for electricity and set the Hourly Ontario Energy Price. Glenbriar delivered a content management system (CMS) to manage IESO’s website content and files using Microsoft’s public cloud offering SharePoint Online Public Site Template as a web platform. IESO’s CMS solution manages the online public web presence of IESO’s corporate website, provides an easy to use online interface for editing page content and page layouts, and handles comprehensive audit controls and workflows for document postings through role based access controls. Glenbriar worked through the challenges of moving IESO from an in house custom built CMS to a public cloud SharePoint Online custom solution, and overcame the constrained public site environment by using a good

communications plan, being fully transparent on the vendor limitations of the platform, and working with IESO stakeholders to address those constraints and limitations. Glenbriar facilitated deep dives on technical requirements with all key stakeholders, allowing Glenbriar to leverage this exciting new platform to build custom solutions that successfully met their overall project deliverables and scope. The site accesses over 35,000 pages of data in real time, and is a leading edge solution which tested the limits of a cloud based SharePoint portal. The site can be viewed at


Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the world’s leading web-based business collaboration platforms. SharePoint is changing the way that businesses operate, eliminating the reduced productivity and higher costs that result from organizations not having the technological capacity or staffing resources to efficiently and cost-effectively streamline their business processes.


Additional lnformation


Additional information about Glenbriar is available from Glenbriar’s website at, the CSE website at, the Sedar website at, or by request from Glenbriar’s head office at 1100, 736 – 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1H4 (Phone 403-233-7300 x117).




By rodball

Posted: Friday May 9 3:28:05PM 2014

Tara, Is that you reincarnated?

By mrduediligence

Posted: Friday May 9 7:45:09AM 2014

Between May 6th to May 8th, 21 stocks on the TSXV got halted(CTO) due to lack of financial filings. Goes to show that the vast majority of juniors will end up going in this direction because financing is still very difficult. This is why earnings juniors are the best way to go. As well, in the grand scheme of supply/demand, money will switch over from the highest risk exploration plays to the ones that are generating profits simply because there will be less stocks to choose from. 

All CTO stocks as per





By mrduediligence

Posted: Wednesday May 7 9:56:23AM 2014

My mistake, CAF.V should not have a price of $0.08 right now, it's at $0.065

By mrduediligence

Posted: Wednesday May 7 9:45:05AM 2014

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I am not a spammer or basher, my intention is to bring notice to some inexpensive growth stocks that are just starting to get established in this volatile market. Since raising funds is difficult right now for small caps, I believe the only survivors will be the ones that are self sufficient. These are all holdings of mine and I strongly feel are undervalued due to lack of investment relations work. Before commenting, please do you own due diligence and you can compare my postings to your notes. Financials will be the body of the posts with a brief outline of what each company does. If you want to look them up in more detail, best way would be to google their name and it will take you to their website. Also Sedar is a good site to get financials from. Each company runs on it's own earnings and doesn't need new funding.

1) CAF.V Price: $0.08  - South African coal refining company

Shares Out: 47,426,195

Insider holdings: 13,985,328 (29.5%) as per

2013 Earnings(Net): $840,000 which is $0.0177c EPS.

Q1 2014 Earnings: $161,392

As per January 31 2014, Q1 MD&A and Financial Highlights:


Cash: $777,871

Receivables: $1,254,900

Tax Receivables: $2,863

Inventory: $381,452

Prepaid Expenses: $40,393

Property, Plant & Equ: $504,492

Total Assets: $2,956,972


Debenture: $150,000

Bank Loan: $16,564

Payables(Total): $1,094,482

Deferred Tax: $48,171

Total Debt and liabilities: $1,309,217



2) FSI.V Price: $0.06 - Manufactures filtration products for oil and gas sector

Shares Outstanding: 31,726,948
Insider/Institutional Holdings: 13,706,604 (43.2%) as per
 2013 Net profit: $771,819 = $0.0243c earnings per share
Cash: $42,127
Receivables: $701,545
Inventories: $449,131
Prepaid Expenses: $83,773
Property/Equipment: $572,747
Deferred Tax: $425,000
Total Assets: $2,274,323
Total Debt/Liabilities: $1,386,073


3) CTZ.V Price: $0.07 - Multiple software products for banking, casinos, government, etc.  

Common Shares: 27,286,322
Insider/Institutional Holdings: 13,265,797(48.6%) As per
2013 Profit: $81,835

2014 Q1 Earnings: $110,477 ( product change increased sales/profits)


Cash: $326,798

Receivables: $351,280

Prepaid Expenses: $29,047

Plant & Equipment: $11,265

Intellectual Assets: $19,186




Trade Payables: $256,734

Deferred Revenue: $525,694

Secured Debt: $450,000 

Debenture: $1,000,000 



4) KFG.V Price: $0.04 - Light oil production and well management in the Southern USA  - project info recently updated

Shares outstanding: 50,584,144

Insider Holdings: 2,674,900


As per their 2013 Q3 2013 results


Production Total : 110-120bopd( 41 API light sweet crude)

Cash: $1,365,827

Accounts Receivable $447,490

Marketable Securities: $468

Prepaid Expenses: $14,665

Reclamation Bond: $20,000

Property & Equipment: $1,022,625

Total Assets: $2,871,075


Liabilities: $881,607


KFG currently has 20 wells in several areas. The company owns the leases and farms out the

wells, in return for a small production rate, plus management fees to operate as they have their own rig from a subsidiary. The company has added 10 wells in 2013 and with year end around the corner, reserves will increase substantially. Until recently, KFG has two profitable quarters and then had a loss in Q3 due to accrued income. I believe they will have a stronger Q4 because of this and there are multiple wells being drilled every quarter.






Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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