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A question for Doren or any others

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By Gee

Posted: Wednesday Jul 19 10:00:35PM 2006

It may not only be market cap, but also sp ... Edward Jones cannot invest in any stock under $1 even if the client wants them to. Small-Cap Mutual funds will not look at some stock unless they are over $3 and some over $5, no matter how big the market cap is. This is one reason why companies like TAH do a roll back as they want to try and get the sp up to that $3 market, so fund managers can invest in them.

By valueman

Posted: Wednesday Jul 19 10:46:06AM 2006

Thanks Dundee. You still watching PIH? I am very curious who through CIBC World Markets is buying all this stock. It appears all stock offered at $4.5 is eaten by someone trading through CIBC...?? Next earnings in mid sep

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Jul 19 10:18:25AM 2006

Sprott raised money for PIH years ago. It was held in their fund and perhaps still is????? I forget the name of the analyst - all I remember is that the analyst was a woman. This probably goes back 8 years at least.

By valueman

Posted: Wednesday Jul 19 9:20:48AM 2006

Thanks - hopefully PIH hits that 50M cap soon!!!!

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Jul 19 8:14:18AM 2006

Most of the institutional managers that I have spoken with start becoming interested at a $50 million market cap. That prices out most of my companies but there are a few smaller funds and firms that will look at the small-caps.

By valueman

Posted: Tuesday Jul 18 1:14:30PM 2006

Who at Sprott? Any research reports? or was this just held in one of their funds?

By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 18 11:23:03AM 2006

Many institutional investors have followed PIH over the years including Sprott and Bissette Microcap Fund... Most institutional investors would prefer a little more liquidity though.

By valueman

Posted: Tuesday Jul 18 5:56:15AM 2006

What are the market cap thresholds that bring on the different classes for investors? For example, lets take a company that moves from a 10 million dollar market cap to a 250 million market cap. I assume at 10 million, smaller retail investors and insiders are the ones playing. At what level would institutions start buying? What about the sell side analysts starting coverage? Any help would be appreciated. I am long PIH (Pacific Insight) and I am wondering what it will take for this 25 million cap company to start getting market attention. thanks again!!!

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