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By the_badger

Posted: Sunday Sep 18 5:29:49PM 2005

I have followed this company for a while now and think that a lot of previous growth was not reflected in the share price. That situation is obviously correcting itself right now, but for how long remains to be seen.....I am going to try squeeze 70 cents out this bugger.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Friday Sep 16 7:45:09AM 2005

Options issued to management at 50 cents......

By Gee

Posted: Thursday Sep 15 8:08:33PM 2005

Insider exercising options: Anterra Corporation McKinley, Sheila Lynn September 15, 2005 September 15, 2005 Exercise of options 75,000 $0.15

By qwqw

Posted: Thursday Sep 15 8:24:49AM 2005

Market depth Board Lots Bid Ask Board Lots 1 20 0.530 0.600 19 1 20 0.430 0.630 5 1 4 0.400 0.640 8 1 100 0.260 0.650 16 1 100 0.250 0.750 8

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Wednesday Sep 14 8:49:53PM 2005

How was I dishonest?.....all I know is that if I had listened to whatever version of "technical" analysis you used, I would have left substantial sums of money on the table. Seems sort of counter-intuitive when one wants to make money. And explain to me what you mean by oversold??? The fact that someone purchased 50,000 shares at 55 cents today? An all-time price high at that point...... And qwqw, do you know anything about the company.....??? The reason for depressed cash flow in the past couple quarters and expected future production? The fact that they have two midstream facilities, a third on the way, and that one of the primary facilities was not operational for a significant period of time due to an upgrade. Wait for future results....

By qwqw

Posted: Wednesday Sep 14 6:39:58PM 2005

At 60 cents Ev = $16 mil, Q2 prod.= 193 boepd and CF = $270,000 Reserves = 580,000 boe.Not much bang for the buck.

By dundee

Posted: Friday Aug 5 8:38:47AM 2005

do a search on this forum for "anterra" and you will get some opinions already expressed by other posters.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Aug 4 6:21:40PM 2005

A yes or no - is Atr overvalued?


Posted: Thursday Aug 4 5:24:43PM 2005

Depends where you stand... Stock is at its zenith, and what goes up....

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Aug 4 4:58:33PM 2005

I have a buttload of Atr shares and I was wondering if anyone wants to start a discussion on ATR. Is seems that everyone thinks it is overvalued while I think it is a steal.

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