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By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Jun 26 2:52:53PM 2008

You are welcome to have Mr. Pinnell call me to discuss The Small-Cap Conference.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Jun 26 1:56:41PM 2008

As an aside - could you potentially still include another company to present at your investor conference? I know it is last minute, but I think Anterra would be a nice fit. Owen Pinnell is a heck of a chap....

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Jun 26 9:33:18AM 2008

You have at least 29 aliases from my quick summary report. Would you like me to proceed to post them all?

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Jun 25 9:26:24AM 2008

We are instituting a new rule on the QIS Capital forum. Anyone speaking with themselves through multiple aliases will either be deleted or will have all of their aliases revealed for the rest of the viewers. You know who you are!

By manoman

Posted: Tuesday Jun 24 10:01:04AM 2008

Sorry..I should have posted a question. Do you think Anterra is decent value at 30 cents? I have looked at the old posts on Anterra but they are not very recent. Alot has chnaged since 2005.

By manoman

Posted: Thursday Jun 19 12:18:22AM 2008

I think Anterra needs to be added to the list of juniors to watch. Sure it had some tough breaks in 2007..but in 2008 it is one of the few oil and gas companies that has not gone up and we have seen how much oil and gas prices have went up. With stable base production and if they can get any kind of luck on their exploration land...they have rooom to move up very fast. It is a junior to watch.

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

CLICK HERE to view the presentations from the Spring 2016 Small-Cap Conferences.

We are pleased to publish the PowerPoint presentations from The Small-Cap Conferences that were held in Calgary on March 30, 2016 and in Vancouver on May 3, 2016.

We encourage investors to review the presentations and contact the companies with any further questions.

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