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ATE.v/ATBPF Antibe Therapeutics Inc C$.275

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By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Jun 14 9:07:23PM 2018

Zacks posted a new valuation report for Antibe today.  Their new valuation is C$1.80 vs current price of C$.40.  They note that warrants have been executed, raising cash levels to around C$5million. This is enough to fully fund the last phase II study that is supposed to start this fall and end this winter.  Still no partner but one of these days..........

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Apr 26 7:21:10AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  +.03 to C4.44  Antibe has been sliding lately as the initial enthusiasm for the phase II results has faded and no news of a partnership has come out.  This letter from the CEO lays out the plan for the next 12-18 months.  Maybe big pharma is waiting for last phase II to verify ideal dosage before committing.  Possible uplist to nasdaq is mentioned as well.  


TORONTO, ONTARIO – (April 26, 2018)
To our stakeholders,
The recent success of our lead drug, ATB-346, in its Phase 2B gastrointestinal (“GI”) safety clinical study was a significant milestone for Antibe and represented a major inflection point in our value. Furthermore, we are now one clinical study away from the strategic monetization of our drug platform for the major markets. With such an important and exciting time ahead of us, we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to communicate our strategy for the next year and beyond.
Nearly ten years ago, Antibe was formed to develop safer medicines for pain and inflammation by leveraging our novel hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) technology. Over this period, our strategy to maximize value for shareholders has remained consistent: advance our drug candidates to Phase 2 proof-of-concept data and secure high-value partnerships for the large pharmaceutical markets. Fast forward to 2018: we now have unequivocal validation of our H2S platform, and are well-positioned to conclude a series of transformational partnerships over the next 12-18 months.
This progress could not have been done without the support of our shareholders, who are now being rewarded for their patience over the years. In the months ahead, our team will be working diligently to ensure that our clinical and business development activities are well aligned with our strategy to maximize shareholder return.
Recent Phase 2B Study Confirms Best-in-Class Status for Drug Platform
In Antibe’s latest Phase 2B study, ATB-346 showed unequivocal superiority to naproxen in GI safety (2.5% versus 42.1% ulceration rate) in 244 healthy volunteers. This human proof-of-concept data replicated the results of our pre-clinical studies, and provides clear validation of the GI-protective properties of our H2S technology. The full analysis of this study will be reported this quarter. We are now pushing forward with the planned Phase 2 effectiveness study for ATB-346, and are accelerating development of our other H2S platform drugs. Each of Antibe’s drugs has blockbuster potential, and would provide physicians and consumers with radically safer alternatives to today’s NSAIDs and to the multi-dimensional dangers of corticosteroids and opiates.
Upcoming Phase 2 Effectiveness Study Designed to Validate Efficacy of ATB-346
With human GI safety for ATB-346 now firmly established, our next clinical objective is to validate its effectiveness at reducing pain in osteoarthritis (“OA”) patients. In August 2016, Antibe released top-line data from a Phase 2A study that showed considerable pain relief for ATB-346 at a once-daily dose of 250 mg - the pain relief observed was nearly double that of naproxen and Celebrex based on published data. Although these results were encouraging, the study was conducted in a small number of patients and was not controlled. Our upcoming Phase 2 effectiveness study is designed to validate the pain reduction efficacy of ATB-346 (versus control) and will be conducted in approximately 250 OA patients. In addition, we have biomarker data derived from Phase 1 and Phase 2 blood assays that suggest ATB-346 is effective at lower doses; for this reason, the study will include two additional dosing cohorts with the goal of determining the lowest effective dose. Preparations are well underway for this study and we anticipate commencing it by July with a data read-out in Q4 2018.
Additional Clinical Activities to Support Global Partnering Efforts
In addition to the Phase 2 effectiveness study, Antibe will also be strategically allocating R&D spend towards activities that we feel will be of the most value to global partners. These activities include: (i) long-range animal toxicology studies (6 months and 9 months) for ATB-346, a standard regulatory requirement for approval of any drug; (ii) additional metabolic studies for ATB-346 to further strengthen our understanding of its pharmacokinetic profile; and (iii) the completion of IND-enabling studies for both ATB-352 and ATB-340, Antibe’s two other H2S platform drugs. Although ATB-352 and ATB-340 are earlier stage, both individually represent blockbuster drug opportunities and have been considerably de-risked by the latest validation of our H2S technology. We remain particularly excited about the potential of ATB-352, a non-addictive, potent analgesic for acute pain that directly addresses the global opioid epidemic, a crisis that the world is struggling to contain.
Partnering Discussions Building Momentum
In the past, Antibe’s partnering efforts were focused on strategically out-licensing the rights for smaller markets (i.e., outside of the United States and Western Europe). We continue to have these discussions and have been successful in concluding two regional deals to-date – this activity remains valuable as it provides non-dilutive funding and further validation of our drug platform. The recent human proof-of-concept GI safety data have undoubtedly benefited these on-going discussions, and more importantly, now allow us to engage multinational pharmaceutical firms to secure strategic partnerships for the large markets. As mentioned earlier, our clinical development activities in the next 12 months are designed to maximize the value of our drug platform and strengthen our position as we engage potential partners. 
Commercial Asset in Regenerative Medicine Well-Positioned For Growth
Our subsidiary, Citagenix Inc. (“Citagenix”), is nearly done assembling the building blocks for its growth strategy in the dental regenerative medicine market. Citagenix’s sales team in the United States is working hard at expanding its distribution network, and recently signed Benco Dental, the 3rd largest dental distributor in the US by market share. Antibe’s relationship with Citagenix has been a symbiotic one: Antibe provided the resources to position Citagenix on a growth trajectory while Citagenix provided valuable diversification. With Citagenix now on a path to growth and Antibe’s drug development activities de-risked considerably by the recent GI safety data, our team will now begin exploring strategic alternatives for Citagenix in an effort to unlock value for shareholders.
Strong Balance Sheet and Maturing Capital Markets Strategy
Antibe’s balance sheet is well-funded with approximately $5 million of cash, and recently benefited from the entire conversion of its debentures. The upcoming Phase 2 effectiveness trial for ATB-346 will be funded entirely with cash-on-hand. In addition, given our stage of development, we are now exploring a listing on the NASDAQ exchange to grow our institutional investor base in the United States.
We look forward to the year ahead as we drive closer towards our goal of bringing safer medicines to market for pain and inflammation.
Dan Legault
Chief Executive Officer

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Apr 10 1:39:23PM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  +.04 to C$.50  4.4million shares traded.   Antibe has been working it's way up after spiking to C$.79 on 3/20/18.  Today felt different.  The big volume and the solid rise in the stock could be the beginning of a longer term rise.  It will take a solid deal with a big pharma before Antibe permanently makes a big leap upwards but I still think it deserves a higher market cap and stock price.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Apr 3 6:47:08AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF -.005 to C$.45


TORONTO, CANADA — (April 3, 2018) – Antibe Therapeutics Inc. (“Antibe” or the “Company”) (TSXV: ATE, OTCQB: ATBPF), a leader in developing safer therapeutics for pain and inflammation that recently announced a successful Phase 2B clinical trial demonstrating the gastrointestinal safety of its lead drug, reports that the Company now has a significantly augmented balance sheet.
Augmented cash position from warrant exercises
In the period since January 1st, 2018, Antibe has received proceeds of approximately $4 million from warrant exercises. These proceeds bring the Company’s consolidated cash balance to nearly $5 million as of today. In addition, the Company has the potential to raise an additional $6 million from existing warrants that are significantly in-the-money.
Significant reduction in debt through conversion of debentures
The Company has also received conversions of approximately $3 million, representing nearly the entire balance of its existing convertible debentures that mature in October 2018. With the conversion of these debentures, Antibe is now effectively debt-free apart from a standard operating line that resides with its subsidiary, Citagenix Inc. (“Citagenix”).
Dan Legault, Antibe’s CEO commented, “We are grateful to our existing shareholders and convertible debenture holders, who, based on the strong Phase 2B GI safety results, have decided to exercise warrants and convert their debt. This has the compound effect of adding to our cash balance while reducing our liabilities, and puts us in a great position to continue our partnering activities with strategic pharmaceutical companies, which we desire to complete within 12 months. Furthermore, we are now in a position to fully fund our previously announced Phase 2 effectiveness study with cash-on-hand. This Phase 2, double-blind, dose-ranging study is estimated to cost approximately $2.6 million and will be completed this year in parallel with our global partnering efforts.”

About Antibe Therapeutics Inc. 

Antibe develops safer medicines for pain and inflammation.  Antibe’s technology involves linking a hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule to an existing drug to produce a patented, improved medicine. Antibe’s lead drug, ATB-346, targets the global need for a safer, non-addictive drug for chronic pain and inflammation. ATB-352, the second drug in Antibe’s pipeline, targets the urgent global need for a non-addictive analgesic for treating severe acute pain, while ATB-340 is a GI-safe derivative of aspirin.

Antibe’s subsidiary, Citagenix Inc. (“Citagenix”), is a leader in the sales and marketing of tissue regenerative products servicing the orthopedic and dental marketplaces. Since its inception in 1997, Citagenix has become an important source of knowledge and experience for bone regeneration in the Canadian medical device industry. Citagenix is active in 15 countries, operating in Canada through its direct sales teams, and internationally via a network of distributor partnerships.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Mar 29 10:46:14AM 2018

Ate.v/ATBPF C$.40   Well, Antibe didn't stop dropping the other day at C$.47 like I thought.  Today I bought a few thousand more at C$.40.  Is this the bottom?  Don't know.  But some day Antibe is going to announce another regional licensing deal AND some day in the next few months, they will announce a Big Pharma partner to advance ATB-346 thru phase III trials.  Once that happens, C$.40 is going to look awfully cheap.  I believe this drug has billion dollar potential in a few years.  I intend to wait the market out.  Zacks has a C$1.80 price target while discounting chances of phase III approval at 50%.  I think C$1.80 is low IF they get approved and have a big pharma partner.  

At some point, Bayer is going to have to buy them just to defend their Aleve.  Are they going to just wait until Antibe or someone else develops a naproxen + substitute or would they spend a few million up front in licensing fees and finance a $50-100 million trial to get ATB-346 approved?  Without GI issues, ATB-346 has an even bigger audience than Aleve, which is around $1billion/year.  

If Antibe gets a 12% royalty payment on all commercial sales of ATB-346 and those sales are 1 billion/yr, that's US$120 million/yr in revs.  Net profits would be around US$100 million/yr or 

C$128million.  Divided by 270million shares and you get an eps of US$.37.  Antibe would be pushing C$5 with those kind of revs and net profits.  They might lower eps by funding one of their other drug candidates but that might also unlock another billion dollar drug.  I am using blue sky here but am going to wait for the positive catalysts that I think are coming.  I will wait until year end 2018 and see how little Antibe does.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Mar 26 1:05:46PM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  -.005 to C$.485   bought a few more shares at C$.47.  Will hold for announcements of regional licensing or big pharma partner to fund phase III trials.  Antibe will conduct another phase II trial for optimum dosing later this year.  Probably start in Q3 and have results before year end.  Hopefully they will get big pharma partner before year end.  They have warrants that are expiring that are in the money so should have enough cash for the phase II and also to last until big partner shows up.  Low cash position would not be beneficial to negotiate the best deal so may see another stock issue before year end.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Mar 26 11:05:12AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  =.02 to C$.47  should have sold all my ATE.v when it was C$.60 but never know.  Still holding 1/2 position.  I think we are near the bottom on ATE shares.

Today Zack's came out with updated price target based on Phase II success.  New target price is C$1.80!

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Mar 20 7:25:48AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  +.25 to C$.61  Sold 1/2 in the low C$.60's to get back my costs.  Will hold the rest to see if Antibe can attract a big pharma partner.  Lots of shares out(260million+) so at current price, market cap is around C$158million.  ASSUMING they get approved in a couple of years and sell US$1 billion a year, they should get 100-140million/yr in royalties.  Market cap once that happens should be in the billion dollar range or C$5 but that's a long way off and several hurdles away.  We'll see how the market prices little Antibe going forward.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Mar 20 6:23:13AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  C$.36  Halted yesterday and gave back some of the 52wkhi's reached last week at C$.44.  But this result seems quite good.  What doctor wouldn't recommend a product that is much less likely to cause long term damage and internal bleeding to a patient.  2.5% vs 42% is very significant.  However we aren't at the finish line yet.  They have to find a big partner who will finance a phase III study, find the optimum dosage and get approved before anyone makes any money on this drug.  Company estimates another three years before full commercialization.  There could be selling on the news, even though this is probably as good a result as the company could expect.  


TORONTO, CANADA — (March 20, 2018) – Antibe Therapeutics Inc. (“Antibe” or the “Company”) (TSXV: ATE, OTCQB: ATBPF) is pleased to announce that its lead drug, ATB-346, met its primary endpoint in the Phase 2B gastrointestinal (“GI”) safety study. The double-blind study was conducted in 244 healthy volunteers and was designed to demonstrate the superiority of ATB-346 in GI safety compared to naproxen, the most prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (“NSAID”) in the USA. Subjects on ATB-346 exhibited an ulceration rate of 2.5% versus an ulceration rate of 42.1% for subjects on naproxen at the end of the 2-week treatment period, with a very high degree of statistical significance (p<0.001).  ATB-346 was also safe and well tolerated.
Antibe’s Chief Scientific Officer, John Wallace, commented, “The successful outcome of this study is the culmination of 15+ years of scientific research, and validates Antibe’s hydrogen sulfide-releasing technology. Gastrointestinal safety has been a major global concern with NSAIDs for decades and we now have clinical data unequivocally demonstrating a solution to this unmet and serious medical problem.”
Subjects received either 250 mg of ATB-346 once-daily, a dose previously shown to be very effective in reducing osteoarthritis-associated pain, or 500 mg of naproxen twice-daily. The primary endpoint for the study was the incidence of gastric or duodenal ulcers of at least 3 mm diameter with unequivocal depth, considered the gold standard in assessing the GI safety of NSAIDs.  “The number of subjects that developed ulcers while on treatment with ATB-346 was 3 (out of 118), compared to 53 (out of 126) for subjects treated with naproxen,” remarked John Wallace. “This result was achieved with an impressive level of statistical significance. In addition, the incidence of elevated liver transaminases in the ATB-346 group was consistent with our expectations and the incidence associated with commonly-prescribed NSAIDs.” The study was conducted by Topstone Research Ltd. (“Topstone”) in Toronto, Canada. A detailed summary of the clinical trial results, including secondary endpoints, will be available for release in Q2 2018. 
“This extraordinary result exceeded our expectations for ATB-346,” remarked Dan Legault, Antibe’s CEO. “With human proof-of-concept GI safety data now in hand, Antibe will continue its regional licensing discussions and will now engage global pharmaceutical firms to support our objective of reaching a partnering event for the major markets. In parallel, we will conduct our placebo-controlled dose ranging and effectiveness study with a data read-out expected in Q4 2018. As well, we will accelerate development of Antibe’s other novel NSAIDs, including ATB-352, a non-addictive analgesic for the treatment of severe pain that addresses the global opioid crisis.”
Changes to the Board of Directors
The Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Amal Khouri (B.Sc., MBA) to its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Ms. Khouri brings extensive pharmaceutical business development experience to the Company and succeeded Samira Sakhia as of March 19, 2018.
“On behalf of the entire team at Antibe, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Samira for her invaluable contribution to the Company over the past 3 and a half years,” commented Walt Macnee, Antibe’s Chairman. “We are also delighted to welcome Ms. Khouri to the Antibe Board. Ms. Khouri has extensive experience in global partnering and licensing deals in the pharmaceutical industry. Her expertise will be a tremendous asset to our Board and shareholders as we prepare to commence global partnering discussions for our lead drug, ATB-346.”
Ms. Khouri has more than 15 years of business development experience in the pharmaceutical industry and is presently Vice President of Business Development at Knight Therapeutics Inc. (“Knight”). Prior to Knight, Ms. Khouri worked at Novartis Pharma for over 7 years, where she held multiple positions within the global business development and licensing team in Basel, Switzerland. Before joining Novartis, she worked in business development at Paladin Labs in roles with increasing responsibilities. Ms. Khouri holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McGill University and an M.B.A. from the University of Ottawa.

About ATB-346

ATB-346 is a hydrogen sulfide-releasing derivative of naproxen. NSAIDs are the most commonly used therapy for osteoarthritis, yet their use is associated with a high incidence of gastrointestinal ulceration and bleeding. NSAIDs are also widely used in a number of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and general pain reduction, with a similarly high rate of gastrointestinal ulceration and bleeding. It is well-accepted that patients with these conditions would benefit greatly from an effective, GI-sparing anti-inflammatory/analgesic agent such as ATB-346.

About Antibe Therapeutics Inc. 

Antibe develops safer medicines for pain and inflammation.  Antibe’s technology involves linking a hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule to an existing drug to produce a patented, improved medicine. Antibe’s lead drug, ATB-346, targets the global need for a safer, non-addictive drug for chronic pain and inflammation. ATB-352, the second drug in Antibe’s pipeline, targets the urgent global need for a non-addictive analgesic for treating severe acute pain, while ATB-340 is a GI-safe derivative of aspirin.

Antibe’s subsidiary, Citagenix Inc. (“Citagenix”), is a leader in the sales and marketing of tissue regenerative products servicing the orthopedic and dental marketplaces. Since its inception in 1997, Citagenix has become an important source of knowledge and experience for bone regeneration in the Canadian medical device industry. Citagenix is active in 15 countries, operating in Canada through its direct sales teams, and internationally via a network of distributor partnerships.

Forward Looking Statements
This news release includes certain forward-looking statements, which may include, but are not limited to, the proposed licensing and development of drugs. Any statements contained herein that are not statements of historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking, including those identified by the expressions "will", "anticipate", "believe", "plan", "estimate", "expect", "intend", "propose" and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied in this news release. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in this news release include, but are not limited to, the Company’s inability to secure additional financing and licensing arrangements on reasonable terms, or at all, its inability to execute its business strategy and successfully compete in the market, and risks associated with drug and medical device development generally. Antibe Therapeutics Inc. assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those reflected in the forward-looking statements except as required by applicable law.

Contact Information
Antibe Therapeutics Inc.
Dan Legault
Chief Executive Officer

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Mar 13 10:33:09AM 2018

ATE.v/ATBPF  +.02 to C$.385   13 million shares traded so far today....  PR today says no material change but it's traders anticipating positive results next week from the safety trial.  There will undoubtedly be selling on the news, regardless of the trial results but a positive outcome will lead to a big partner and pivotal phase III trials and eventually commercialization.  Many current holders have big profits already so I anticipate some selling next week but since I am a recent buyer, I will probably hold.

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Mar 12 7:09:44AM 2018

ATE.v  +.05 to C$.33  Antibe on the move with 1.44 million traded so far this morning.  Top line results from Phase II study of damage to gastrointestinal tract for ATB-346 vs naproxen are due out sometime next week, March 19.  Healthy test subjects had an endoscopy done before and after dosage with ATB-346 and naproxen(aleve).  We know that naproxen does damage the GI tract.  If ATB-346 can show similar pain relief WITHOUT GI tract damage, this could be a billion dollar drug.  Arthritis suffers are the immediate target 

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Feb 28 9:40:14AM 2018

ATE.v  -.01 to C$.26     Here is an old 2017 article from Zack's reviewing Antibe and giving it a price target of C$.85.  Does a good job of presenting both the positive and negative aspects of this little company and it's chances of getting ATB-346 approved.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Feb 27 8:30:41AM 2018

Antibe Therapeutics is a small Canadian pharma working on pain relievers.  They have their main drug, AT-346, in phase II trials and anticipate results in mid to late March on the safety aspects.  ATB-346 is a derivative of naproxen designed to minimize stomach irritation and have minimal impact on blood pressure.  Their phase II study on the gastro intestinal safety of ATB-346 is a pivotal event for this small biotech.  Naproxen or Aleve has a big market share of the pain reliever market but has the negative side effect of GI irritation, like most NSAID's.  In addition to GI irritation, some NSAID's had to be pulled from the market due to increasing the chances of the cardio vascular event.  ATB-346 is also being tested for impact on blood pressure.

If their phase II studies are successful, Antibe will seek out partners to conduct the phase III studies and help with future commercialization.  

Antibe has tripled off the bottom in late 2017 at .095 so I am not early.  I just found out about it Sunday.  There are 163 million shares outstanding, 21million options and 60 million warrants for a FD share count of 244million shares.  At the current share price of C$.28, market cap is C$68million.  If ATB-346 gets to market and fulfills the company's goals of all the pain relieving benefits of naproxen without it's main negative side effects, Antibe should be worth many times C$68million.  

This is speculative and has already runup but there is still significant upside IF the trial results are very positive and Antibe can attract a bigger partner to conduct very thorough phase III trials.  This pain reliever is so prevalent in the market, the FDA will want a huge study to rule out any unknown side effects and that will cost a lot of money.  If the phase II is successful, I would not be surprised to see a buyout of the company.  

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