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Automodular, T.AM C$1.05

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By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Mar 23 7:28:45AM 2012 C$2.03 A member of the board has been forced to sell because of a change in Canadian law that prohibits insiders holding the stock in their RRSP??? Stock has fallen for a couple of weeks but appears to be over. Stock hit a high of 3.07 when last dividend was paid. Current yield is 11%. Could be a nice opportunity to buy Automodular.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Mar 1 12:30:23PM 2012 +.02 to C$2.73 447K volume so someone knew about good Q4 results. They earned .19eps in Q4. Excellent growth from .12eps in Q3. Will be interesting to see full P&L so we can tell if they are expensing anything yet for new plant. .06 dividend/qtr means they are still yielding 8.8%

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Feb 27 6:48:43PM 2012 +.10 to C$2.65 Automodular continues to recover from ex dividend selloff. I have been predicting a stair step climb for Expect we will reach C$4 eventually this year. Next resistance is C$3.07, the peak right before the dividend. May take a couple of tries to break thru. Took my .06 dividends and bought more shares today at 2.60.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Feb 16 7:36:39AM 2012

ok, wrong again! LOL! -.32 to C$2.19 at the worst. I added again at 2.25.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Feb 7 9:36:50AM 2012

Congrats again on this one - it has been a great pick!

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Feb 7 8:38:06AM 2012 +.15 to C$2.95 Automodular keeps climbing. Ex dividend date coming soon so expect a sharp selloff this late week, early next week. Still undervalued based on .11eps last qtr plus .06 dividend/qtr. Should be in the C$4 range.

By joshpacific

Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 1:20:02PM 2011

Me too. I bought my first shares today for my real account. Missed it by 2 pennies for my QIS Challenge account.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 12:46:39PM 2011

nibbled on a little more at 1.42 today. .05 qtrly dividend X 4= .20 versus 1.42 = 14% yield

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Sep 12 2:27:37PM 2011

nibbled on at 1.70 today. Could drop further as overall market weakness could cause further weakness in this illiquid stock.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Aug 16 8:57:12PM 2011 +.26 to C$1.96 Automodular continues up. Date of record for special .15 and qtrly dividend .05 is 8/24.

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Wednesday Aug 10 12:45:30PM 2011

Nice call on AM:TSX - up to $1.58 - up over 30% on the day.

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