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Axia Netmedia (AXX)

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By kman

Posted: Thursday May 4 7:16:47PM 2006

A reward today for those of us still holding, with AXX up 0.25 to $3.10 (a new 52 week high) on over 1 000 000 shares!

By mel

Posted: Friday Apr 28 6:38:52PM 2006

Here we go again, up 0.12 to $2.95 today...anticipation of earnings to be released on May 2?

By mel

Posted: Saturday Apr 1 6:15:54PM 2006

Any news from their "French Alliance" will hopefully add to or continue the momentum.

By sherwood

Posted: Wednesday Mar 22 6:38:59PM 2006

Here we go again? Closed at $2.63 today.

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Feb 20 7:07:24AM 2006

MGI has raised the price target to $3.40 this morning!

By mel

Posted: Wednesday Feb 15 7:01:23PM 2006

Back up 0.23 to $2.46 today!

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Feb 13 9:14:55AM 2006

Webcast is today...stocks are on sale!

By kman

Posted: Saturday Feb 11 5:23:41PM 2006

I see Avner Mandelman (Giraffe Capital Corp.) mentioned it in his column in The Globe today...any recognition can only help!

By jasper

Posted: Tuesday Jan 31 6:11:45PM 2006

A great day all in all for us AXX shareholders. Up 0.22, closing at $2.60 (only 0.05 off its high) on 747 000 shares. Anyone know of any reasoning for the movement over the last couple of days, or is it finally getting due recognition?

By mel

Posted: Tuesday Jan 31 8:14:28AM 2006

It looks like our patience is starting to pay dividends. AXX is currently up 0.13 at $2.51 on over 300 000 shares!

By Anion

Posted: Sunday Jan 22 10:36:00AM 2006

The earnings picture on this stock is quite deceptive. AXX is being paid a fee by BCE to construct the Alberta SuperNet. Once construction finishes this quarter the earnings will decline substantially. They need to get a contract in Ireland or France to remain earnings neutral.

By Pennypicker

Posted: Tuesday Jan 17 7:09:30PM 2006

When will the "Herd" notice this gem? Buy,Buy and Buy! Price Target of $4.50 by yearend 2006, just my opinion...

By goose

Posted: Tuesday Jan 17 2:25:12PM 2006

Oh! Oh! Better get in now and avoid the QIS effect. lol!!!!!!!!!!

By axe

Posted: Friday Dec 23 10:58:18PM 2005

Axia is a tightly held stock,allthough I see more brokerage firms getting involved over the last month. Raymond James , Graydon Elliott and Canacord have taken positions , this is good, but the stock will continue to be volitile in order for consolidation to take place.I feel Axia has a good foundation and strong leadership and 2006 should no doubt be an exciting year for shareholders.

By jasper

Posted: Friday Dec 23 7:00:17PM 2005

Quite prophetic, mel. Obviously other people agreed with your views and jumped in today...up $0.17 to $2.32. Merry Christmas, all.

By Pennypicker

Posted: Friday Dec 2 7:27:14AM 2005

Making another run up today! Can a new high be far off? $2.34

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Nov 28 4:01:58AM 2005

Now that they have a nice revenue stream can they convert to a trust and a favourable tax system?

By scotty

Posted: Wednesday Nov 23 7:12:00PM 2005

Not sure why my post was duplicated, but I deleted the duplication (sorry, was a "header error").

By Pennypicker

Posted: Wednesday Nov 23 8:49:17AM 2005

Trading below $2.20 this morning, looks like a buy time!

By Pennypicker

Posted: Tuesday Nov 15 8:04:16AM 2005

Trades at 7.5 times earnings seems very cheap when compared to sector! $4.00 price target seems reasonable?

By rodball

Posted: Monday Nov 7 7:04:47PM 2005

Quite decent numbers released today (including diluted quarterly earnings of $0.10 / share) Axia Reports Record First Quarter Profits of $5.2 million 16:38 EST Monday, November 07, 2005 CALGARY, Nov. 7 /CNW/ - Axia NetMedia Corporation ("Axia" or "the Corporation") today announced record net income and cash flow for the first quarter of fiscal 2006 and year-to-date for the period ended September 30, 2005. Consolidated revenues for the first quarter of fiscal 2006 increased by 195 percent to $15.6 million compared to $5.3 million for the same period in fiscal 2005. Consolidated gross profit increased substantially to $7.9 million for the period ended September 30, 2005 from $1.2 million for the previous year. For the first quarter of fiscal 2006, consolidated net income was $5.2 million or $0.10 per common share on a fully diluted basis compared to a net loss of $1.2 million or ($0.03) per common share on a fully diluted basis for the same quarter of fiscal 2005. President Murray Wallace said, "We are excited to have completed the commissioning of the Alberta SuperNet on schedule, and are now focusing our sales and marketing efforts on increasing bandwidth usage and developing value-added services for our SuperNet customers. Our long-term contracts for managed network services generate sustainable quality revenues in excess of $9.0 million per quarter from which we anticipate operating profits normally in the 30 percent plus range." At the end of the first quarter of fiscal 2006, Axia had positive cash flow from continuing operations of $6.2 million compared to negative cash flow of $0.3 million for the same period in fiscal 2005. As at September 30, 2005, Axia had cash on hand of $21.8 million, positive working capital of $19.1 million and 54.2 million common shares outstanding. During the first quarter of 2006, Axia repaid in full an outstanding note payable of $4.0 million and was debt free on September 30, 2005 except for $4.8 million drawn on a technology equipment facility with its primary bank for equipment deployed on the Alberta SuperNet.

By mel

Posted: Sunday Oct 16 7:17:45PM 2005

Does anyone know how much of their earnings / revenue is the result of this govt. contract? Is there much opportunity for growth beyond or from this contract?

By robert1229

Posted: Sunday Oct 16 1:47:25PM 2005

I follow Axia Netmedia, I hold it, and I like it. I received the annual report within the last two weeks or so. If they can continue to make money close to the way they made it in the fourth quarter, the shares are not going to be in this price range for long. I tried to figure out if there was some non-recurring profit in that fourth quarter. I think that there was, but even allowing for that non-recurring component, the shares are still too cheap by a couple of dollars. Glad to know someone else here likes the stock. Man does not live by hydrocarbons alone. Good luck to all in the coming week. -------- On a side note, I know that someone wrote up Le Chateau here recently. Unless this company is all of a sudden going to experience revenue declines, the sell-off is overdone. This is a great company because management knows how to do its job well. Multiple is quite modest for a winner. All in my opinion, so please study it independently.

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