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Biorem (v.brm). 0.43

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By rodball

Posted: Tuesday Jun 20 11:53:02AM 2017

Well, it's been a while, but BRM has been showing signs of life once again over the last few weeks.

Today, the company announced a partnership with TUS-Materials of China to market its ultra filtration membranes which provide containment barriers in water.  This dovetails quite nicely with Biorem's air abatement systems.  TUS is a environmental company based in Beijing (kind of an oxymoron) with over $30 billion in assets.  Interestingly they recently took a stake in Biorem, controlling about 66% of Biorem's 39 million shares.

Also of note, on June 5 Biorem announced current order backlogs.  They've had 2017 bookings to date of $12.5 million compared to $7.6 million at the same time last year; and have a current backlog of $24 million, 40% greater than last year.

The stock is currently at 0.50, after hitting 0.59 earlier in the day.

Have a good afternoon!   

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Nov 5 9:51:05AM 2015

Biorem posted Q3 results today.  .01eps FD vs .02eps FD in Q2.  They maintained high gross margins from Q2 but there was a one time chargeoff of a questionable a/r that reduced net profits 200K to $318K vs 718K in Q2.  Gross sales were down about $500K from Q2 so that was the rest of the difference.  

Good news is that backlog grew to 17.6 million during the qtr and that bodes well for medium term results. 

Going forward, if they continue to average .02eps/qtr, Biorem looks cheap at C$.375.  I bought a tiny position today at .39.  Will try to nibble and add some more down the road. 


By rodball

Posted: Thursday Oct 8 7:44:28PM 2015

That'd be air EMISSION abatement projects... Take care.

By rodball

Posted: Thursday Oct 8 7:42:10PM 2015

Biorem currently trading around $0.50 after announcing earlier this week an additional $2.4 million in air abatement projects in North America and China. Have a goood Thanksgiving weekend!

By rodball

Posted: Wednesday Sep 23 5:12:52PM 2015

I recently took a position in Biorem (v.brm). The company had q2 earnings of 0.02/share, and 6 mth earnings of 0.04/share, and stated during q2 MD&A that they were well positioned to deliver consistent results for remainder of year. They had an order backlog of $14.4 million at the time, and have since announced new orders of $5.7 million for air emission abatement projects. Biorem specializes in biotech for the removal of odours, sulphides, air pollutants, etc. such as municipal wastewater treatment. BRM closed the day at 0.43. Have a good evening.

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