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By briky

Posted: Tuesday May 11 8:47:07AM 2004

Anyone have a reply to Bisons year end report ,or are we waiting for this years first quarter report .Hope to hear from somebody on this. Thanks.

By oilspout

Posted: Friday Apr 16 8:04:36PM 2004

Edmonton Light crude closed over $50Cdn. With the completion of the battery at Steelman and the resultant production increases Q2 is shaping up to be incredible. I hear they have some very exciting projects in the works.

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Mar 23 8:05:03AM 2004

Anyone catch the Bison news? Would like to hear your comments.

By redrice

Posted: Sunday Mar 21 2:38:25PM 2004

doren: thanks for your response. i tend to agree with you that the oil is there, it is just held up on its way to the pipeline...:-) but in the absence of hard information, we have only the past to fall back on as a guideline.

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Mar 16 11:14:41AM 2004

How did they miss their year end target so badly? They knew some production would be curtailed until battery construction was complete, to allow production from the new wells, yet boldly predicted 2150 bbls a day. The year end prediction is more likely for the end of Q1 (I hope). Still impressive growth just a quarter late. Hope we get confirmation of this in the press release. I get a sense from this board and stockhouse that investors are expecting a lot in terms of info in this release. Perhaps a monthly update would be advisable from the company to help generate and keep interest in the company.

By redrice

Posted: Tuesday Mar 16 7:08:46AM 2004

rumours on SH that last Q production rate was only 1600 boe/d. are they shutting in production to cope with new discoveries? are they having problems with the battery at steelman? or is this just a sign of the low RLI -- i.e. they drain the wells as fast as they can, so they are constantly running out? any idea of typical decline rates in their area? a genuinely perplexed shareholder: peter

By oilspout

Posted: Sunday Mar 14 6:41:43AM 2004

Jay10000, Do you think the news will be enough to drive the stock up and increase volumes and interest. I am not sure what the depth of this stock looks like but there always seems to be plenty offered at $2.45 to $2.50. A good news release with current production numbers, followed in short order by good financials might just do the trick.

By jay10000

Posted: Friday Mar 12 4:29:56PM 2004

From my broker.... News this month that will cover a host of things - all good. The battery should be done, new drilling results, production updates and other items of interest. News due week of 21st. Possibly week of 14th but unlikely.

By petedran

Posted: Friday Feb 13 2:07:10PM 2004

I believe part of the problem is the press releases that the company releases. The most important info for me is current production and future production. This was not included in the most recent press release. The company had a perfect opportunity to get some excitement in the shares but imo they blew it. Next opportunity will be the yearend and Q1 results. Hope they noticed the yawn given to the last press release and make it a little more informative.

By oilspout

Posted: Friday Feb 13 1:13:02PM 2004

I am amazed with the drilling success of Bison (24 for 26 in 2003), and the continued strength in oil prices that no one seems to care about this company. There was virtually no reaction to the recent news release. 2003 eanings will be excellent and Q1 2004 will be phenomenal.I am high on this company, but very concerned about the way it trades.I would add more shares but worry that I may not be able to sell later on without more liquidity. What is the answer to this obvious problem?

By briky

Posted: Tuesday Feb 10 8:40:04PM 2004

Anybody have an idea what this does to there BOPD, probally wont know till they get that next battery in full operation.

By briky

Posted: Wednesday Jan 28 7:06:02AM 2004

No.They were comparing it to Bulldog that had just got its listing.It is early in the year maybe hear more news next month.

By briky

Posted: Tuesday Jan 27 11:04:07PM 2004

Has any body heard about the TSE listing;just wandering as I heard someone on stockhouse say it should be happening soon.Thanks

By oilspout

Posted: Friday Jan 23 5:29:24PM 2004

Currently there is not a liquid market for Bison shares. Consequently, if a holder wants to sell any amount of shares ie) 5000 or 10000 it will depress the market. It has been suggested on the Stockhouse Board that an Issuer Bid might be a solution to provide liquidity when needed and enhance shareholder value. Another possibility is a share offering to raise needed capital plus develop a brokerage following. Fundamentally, this is a great company. It just needs some promotion.

By briky

Posted: Thursday Jan 22 5:05:33PM 2004

Can any one explain the drop in Bison today to 2.45. It does not seem to make any sence.Thanks

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Jan 13 10:25:58PM 2004

Thanks for the update Doren. Please keep us posted on any developments.

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Jan 13 8:37:17AM 2004

Doren, were you able to get a hold of management for an update? With WTI oil pushing $35 a bbl one would expect a bit of price appreciation, given recent production increases. Am I missing something here?

By oilspout

Posted: Friday Jan 9 11:21:23AM 2004

This one has caught my eye as well. The recent addition of 700 boe/day adds $17,500 in revenue per day or $6.4 million US per year based on a conservative US $25 per boe. At the current exchange, these 2 wells alone will add approx $8.1 million Cdn to 2004 revenue. With any amount of success on their other prospects, the market will have to take notice. Of course if an oil and gas trust takes notice, there may be a nice buyout in store. Good luck all.

By briky

Posted: Tuesday Jan 6 5:25:40PM 2004

Thanks for the quick responce.Will be awaiting your findings.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Jan 6 3:55:09PM 2004

I have been trying to get a hold of management for the last few weeks but holidays have interfered. I may be able to get a hold of the president on Thursday, but I will for sure contact the CFO on Monday when he gets back in the office. Everything I have heard to this point is very positive. I assume you are referring to the new Steelman pool. The exiting thing is that the company has 3 similar prospects at Steelman which I understand they will be looking to drill in the first half of 2004. I will post an update once I have had a chance to speak with management.

By briky

Posted: Monday Jan 5 8:21:45PM 2004


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