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Bottom fishing questions

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By dquinton

Posted: Monday May 11 8:16:37AM 2009

Yes - we are now involved with At QIS Capital, we will maintain our focus on research and fundamental criteria. In fact, we are hoping to improve on research this year with monthly reports which we started this month. Hopefully this will develop into a regular newsletter as we make the changes. At we will be catering more to the higher traffic, general discussions. There are several additions that we are working on for the site and we plan to roll these out over the year. Thank you to all those who support our sites and best of luck investing in 2009.

By sherwood

Posted: Saturday May 9 6:09:27PM 2009

Is Doren then smithgee (who I thought was the "moderator" on smallcaps)?

By Bobwins

Posted: Saturday May 9 3:28:38PM 2009

Created ID Bobwins on Never knew about Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Saturday May 9 9:17:56AM 2009

Tara Ok, now that I have my temporary license and am able to bottom fish, I have a question. I am holding small positions in a couple of your candidates. They look promising, which is why I bought them. I have also seen your strategy work in the past. How do you decide how many shares to buy? Obviously at the low price levels of your candidates, you could buy a lot with a few thousand dollars. You could buy hundreds of thousands or millions of shares if you threw 10 or 15 thousand at one of them. So do you have a rule of thumb for how much you risk on each one? Is it a function of daily trading volume? Percent of total outstanding shares or float shares? Or do you limit your risk to a certain percentage of your portfolio? Thanks for these "Opportunities" and any wisdom you care to impart to the unwashed masses! Bobwins

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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