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BVO tour

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By Gee

Posted: Wednesday Sep 22 9:16:53PM 2004

Was there any Idea they were that much behind the previous year Looks like they made about $40K in the fourth quarter ... i was surprised this was so low as indications were q4 would be a lot better than this. If they are correct in saying "The financial benefits of the increased space are expected to begin in the 2005 and 2006 fiscal years" ... then perhaps the next couple of days may be a buying opportunitiy for the patient investor.

By stocklad

Posted: Sunday Sep 19 6:27:38AM 2004

I never did buy any BVO shares because the debt/equity ratio seemed a bit high. Anyone have any comments on this?

By Lee

Posted: Wednesday Apr 14 1:21:00AM 2004

I have been a lurker on this forum for over a year and, with a gentle nudge from Doren, I think it is time I contributed. Warning: I tend to be wordy. I do not have the time to edit out the superfluous stuff. On April 1st, I made a tour of the Langley Bevo Farms, organized by QIS and hosted by Leo Benne and Wayne Green. (Right off, I would like to express my appreciation for Doren organizing these tours.) My morning did not go well and the time that I had scheduled for prep was eaten up, thus I was not as prepared as I should have been for the afternoon tour. On my way home, I thought of all kinds of questions that I should have asked. However, for whatever it is worth, here are my impressions. First off, I noticed the disinfectant saturated mats here and there to thwart bad microbes from getting to the plants. I have seen this done before, particularly at fish farms, and is apparently quite effective. (Belatedly, this is now done at chicken farms.) As for the bad bugs that inevitably gain entry, good bugs are brought in when necessary. Everything seemed to be well organized and tidy - no obvious safety issues. Their main crops seem to be tomatoes and geraniums. I have no idea why geraniums are so popular. Most of their business is by contract, ie. they know to whom they are going to sell the plants, and by how much, even before growing them. Nice way of doing business. They schedule things so that they can deliver the plants to their customers on the exact, agreed upon deliver date. This is very important to customers who run on a tight schedule. Bring in plants, grow them, sell them, bring in more plants, grow them, sell them, ... . You get the idea. Bevo management seems to be very customer oriented. They are willing to listen to unusual requests from customers. The exact opposite of the "This is what we are offering, take it or leave it" mentality. Now, the 4.7 hectare expansion. When I was there, the plant-growing part of the new greenhouse was basically finished and already practically full of plants. The loading area needed some more work. The new boiler, which is housed in the new greenhouse, is fully installed and, at the time, seemed to be going through a testing phase. I have an engineering background and it appeared to me to be a very nice installation. If the $1.6M price tag for the greenhouse and boiler is accurate, it is a bargain. Considering that the new greenhouse is already running close to capacity, it will not be too long before another expansion is in the works. This will likely happen when the new greenhouse starts grossing $10M/yr. I would make a wild guess and say within two years. My overall impression of the people and facilities was quite positive. Even though it may be many months before the benefits of the expansion is seen in the stock price, I am taking advantage of the current lull and am in an acquisition phase.

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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