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Cdn. Oilfield Solutions (v.OTS $0.15)

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By Caruso

Posted: Wednesday Apr 30 7:09:07AM 2014

Looks to be getting ready for another nice move...$.50 by june. Caruso

By Caruso

Posted: Thursday Apr 17 12:32:48PM 2014

Patrick, I don't portend to be a technical expert or patent lawyer, but my understanding is there has been increasing interest in the integration of permanent magnets into the artificial lift industry at large because of their immense understanding is that most are using them in the capacity for rotary motion vs the linear motion of the technology OTS is testing and distributing. With specifics on the patent, I am comfortable the mgnt group has done the appropriate DD. Caruso

By patrick1

Posted: Thursday Apr 17 9:47:39AM 2014

there big players in this as well , Rosneft , zilift careful that there no patent infringement.

By Caruso

Posted: Thursday Apr 17 9:02:05AM 2014

Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP)

      Compared with traditional beam pumping unit, Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) is directly driven by submerged linear motor, which eliminates those intermediate transmission links, and realizes efficient oil extraction by virtue of the thrust generated from linear motor. This revolutionary Linear Electric Submersible Pump adopts rodless oil extraction technology, and fundamentally solved the wear out problem between rod and tubing that have puzzled people for hundred years. Compared with traditional one, It has richer advantages, such as good reliability, high operating efficiency, good controllability and adaptability, energy saving, environment friendly, lower cost, remove and on line control. In recent years, we have successfully cooperated with many oilfields. The field experiment results show that our linear electric submersible pump has reached the design requirements, also verify the correctness and feasibility of the design.
1. Powerful, peak continuous thrust can be up to 22000N.
2. Flexible, stroke and pumping speed can be adjusted.
3. No pumping rod, no eccentric wear out between rod and tubing
4. Compact design for small occupied area, light weight and less maintenance
5. Environment friendly (energy saving, low noise and no oil leakage)
6. GPRS remove control for intelligent digital oilfield system
7. Wide applications: well suited for kinds of oil wells, especially for stripper well, deviated well, cluster well, horizontal well, low permeability and small displacement well, viscous oil well.
      Han’s Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) mainly consists of linear motor and plunger pump. Based on the thrust of linear motor, Han’s LESP is divided into three Series. Our customers can choose the very appropriate linear electric submersible pump according to realistic well conditions, such as oil layers’ characteristics, working fluid level, fluid production, pump depth.

By Caruso

Posted: Wednesday Apr 16 4:17:48PM 2014

Wish I had concrete news to share to support why OTS is moving up so nicely, other than conjecture, but interest is heating up as investors and brokers are starting to understand the opportunity with this company and the mngt team that has been assembled over the last year and a half. Again, lots going on with this company and I expect the stock will be significantly higher over the coming months...yes I know it is summer coming. I am pounding the table on this one as a BUY. Caruso

By Caruso

Posted: Friday Apr 11 9:14:16AM 2014

Nice initial move on OTS today...lots going on with the company. Will be testing linear pump through summer with expectations for commercialization for late summer. Check out RPC.v...they provide horizontal increased flow, wehreas OTS provides more on the vertical section of a well with increased efficiency than current technology...both have similar stock structure....big things ahead for this company with the new pump and also their mexican operations. Caruso

By Caruso

Posted: Tuesday Mar 4 11:01:00AM 2014

I will bring OTS up again in the forum...the last year halt was a set back for sure, I didnt see it coming and for those that have followed the company, i get it, patience is thin if not completely evaporated. That is behind the company and the new mngt team has been in the seat for over a year now cleaning up the past mess. The CEO is respected in the field, experienced, successful and driven...a most important has serious skin in the game. If you are a small cap investor, you have to do some due diligence on the news release from Dec 30th. Call the CEO and get the info...the pump technology they have secured and will be testing is a game changer for the oil industry and the flexible pipe product has been getting very good traction and will be bearing fruit for 2014. I am calling for a $0.3-$0.5 cent stock in 3-6 months. Caruso

By Caruso

Posted: Tuesday Mar 19 8:42:27AM 2013

My understanding, and also suggested in the interview, is that 2012 was a year a proving out the model for certain types of contracts, tightening the process around contract development, execution and payment. Expectations for q4 are to end the year around $20+ million in revenue and I expect a more healthy boottom line as they have been cleaning out any fat. Moving forward, expecting better margins are being established on contracts and 2013 to double revenues to $40+million. Also, it is worth a call to CEO re the pumps side of the business and the huge opportunity there. I expect regular and larger deals out of Mexico. The stock is pretty quiet right now, which to me is the time to accumulate a position...I do expect a investor road show at some point to get awareness out...bottomline, this is a 5-10 bagger and potential dividend payer 2-3 years out. That's my take and hope it helps the company and speak to CEO. Caruso.

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Mar 18 10:07:46AM 2013

Thanks for posting that link.  I am starting to watch this company closely.  They haven't been able to deliver on expectations on a quarter by quarter basis but they have now assembled a good team and they look to be taking the company and its pending growth seriously.  What do you expect out of Q4?

By Caruso

Posted: Sunday Mar 17 4:33:46PM 2013

good audio interview with OTS ceo Ken Berg...worth a listen

By Caruso

Posted: Wednesday Mar 13 5:14:07PM 2013

beefing up the board...wolverton buying everything in sight... Cdn Oilfield appoints Hall to board 2013-03-13 09:10 ET - News Release Mr. Ken Berg reports CANADIAN OILFIELD SOLUTIONS CORP.: APPOINTMENT OF MARTIN HALL TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp. has appointed Martin Hall to the company's board of directors. Mr. Hall is a chartered accountant with 37 years of oil and gas experience in various capacities, including senior vice-president, finance, chief financial officer and secretary at Tesco Corp. until 2003. Mr. Hall will serve as audit committee chair, a position he has held previously with Wellco Energy Services Trust, Drillers Technology Corp. and HSE Integrated Inc. Mr. Hall has held other finance advisory positions with Saxon Energy Services Ltd., Turnkey E&P Inc. and APA Engineering.

By Caruso

Posted: Tuesday Feb 19 5:00:01PM 2013

Slow and steady wins the race? Any buying pressure should give this a nice lift. Wolverton Calgary is now into this company big time for what I estimate is 15+million shares on the books...WHY?

Cdn Oilfield to finance construction work in Mexico

2013-02-19 09:55 ET - News Release

Mr. Ken Berg reports


Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp. has provided an update on its Mexican subsidiary operations.

Further to the announcement dated Nov. 20, 2012, for the sale and delivery of 35 kilometres of four-inch Ansi 900 flexible pipe and connectors to a third party contractor with operations in Mexico, COTS Mexico confirms that the company has fulfilled all of its obligations under the terms of the purchase order. Payment has been received in full.
COTS Mexico has signed a new agreement with its Mexican construction partners to provide project advanced financing and administrative management services for all awarded construction projects to the Mexican partner from a major oil and gas service company in Mexico in exchange for 50/50 revenue sharing upon the contractor fulfilling all of its financial obligations under the terms of the agreement. The combined efforts will provide greater visibility to fulfilling the needs of clients and pave the way to much larger projects, which will require additional capital to sustain the growth.
In the first two months of 2013, COTS Mexico has advanced financing for 12 new construction projects to its Mexican partners to service contracts issued by a major oil and gas service company. The projects have all been executed. The project names and the name of the service company cannot be disclosed under a confidentiality agreement between the parties.
COTS Mexico is in the final stages of providing advanced financing to purchase initial construction equipment from a reseller of Caterpillar equipment estimated at approximately $1-million (U.S.) to service an initial three-year contract with estimated annual revenues of 120 million pesos (approximately $9.5-million (U.S.) annually). COTS Mexico will retain title to the equipment until paid for by the Mexican partner that has been awarded a contract to provide construction and maintenance services to the oil and gas service company. The project has the ability to grow annual revenues over a 25-year period, depending on results achieved under the development program. This initiative is the first of its kind awarded by Pemex to a privatized company. The name and terms of the project cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements between the parties.
New flexible pipe contracts are under review in both the north and south regions. Updates will be provided as the company moves to finalize new business.

By Caruso

Posted: Monday Jan 14 4:12:15PM 2013

OTS.v looking like it is getting ready for a move...bids building and news imminent.

By Caruso

Posted: Thursday Dec 27 11:05:09AM 2012

Another strong name added to the team


Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp.:  Appointment of David Burgess as CFO

  Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp.: Appointment of  David Burgess as CFO

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Dec. 20, 2012) -


Canadian Oilfield Solutions Corp. (the "Corporation") (TSX  VENTURE:OTS) is pleased to announce the appointment of David Burgess as  Chief Financial Officer effective immediately. From 2005 to November, 2011, Mr.  Burgess served as Chief Financial Officer and V.P. Finance and from 2010 to  2011, corporate secretary for Artemis Exploration Inc., a privately held oil and  gas exploration company. Since November, 2011, Mr. Burgess has been providing  consulting services to public and private companies. Mr. Burgess holds a  Chartered Accountant designation. Mr. Burgess replaces Gord Travis, the  Corporation's former Chief Financial Officer


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