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By Briany1246

Posted: Friday Sep 21 11:15:30AM 2007

Anyone know anything about this???

By DaveB

Posted: Friday Apr 30 7:11:13AM 2004

Doren, Any comments to share with respect to the Q2 statements recently released? Is it still a buy at these prices? Thank you.

By petedran

Posted: Saturday Jan 24 10:44:51PM 2004

Heres some info from Sedar Description of Business Cie-Nergy is a Canadian enterprise, engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of Thermo-Foil, an innovative reflective insulating material. It manufactures it through a subsidiary named Poly-Tech Radiant Inc. and sells it in North America and Europe under different trade names and private labels. Discussion of operations and financial conditions Sales increased to reach $ 2 585 587 compare to $ 2 349 340 for the same period last year, a 10% growth. In Q1 2003 we had growth of 29%. We faced above average increased on Eastern Canada and European markets. In other markets, sales followed a regular development pattern. We are working to get sales with higher margins and decrease dependability toward few big customers. We lost few accounts with low selling prices and it slowed our development. We are working to replace those by more profitable and reliable customers. In United States we recently hired new agents to cover more thoroughly the territory. We still pursue that goal in 2004 to diversify our customer base. It should cost some money at beginning but on a longterm basis we are confident the strategy will be rewarding. In Europe, sales are increasing from almost nothing to interesting figures. Part of our growth for Q1 comes from that particular market. Sales made are still not profitable and it is caused by the level of expenses to serve it. We are being sued and it cost appreciable amounts to defend ourselves. We also still need to perform more tests and need few more accreditations to increase the market potential. We hope 2004 will be a profitable year for European market. We had a gross margin of 41% in the current quarter compare to 27% for the first quarter of last year and of 30% for complete 2003 year. This is exceptional and is caused by our plant being more efficient and by the increased value in the Euro, improving profitability of European sales. Raw products prices related to petroleum products did not change. Resin prices increased in mid Q2 and should slightly affect future gross margins. As we are targeting growth into United States and US dollar being weak, it will pull down somehow our margins but it will be partly compensated by efficiency improvement. We are again investing in our equipment and in plant development to improve efficiency. Gas surcharge affecting freight cost is still there and even increased in Q2. Sales expenses increased, both in terms of dollars and %, even above last year average. It is part of our strategy to invest more in development of sales to keep our market share. Expressed in % of sales, next quarters will show same growth pattern for sales expenses. Administrative expenses are quite higher than last year for the same quarter but in term of % it is under the last year average and should stay so for the complete year. Finance charges are higher and will be higher for the complete year. We intend to finance our investments to come into plant and market development by issuing debt. Net profits amounted to $ 353 734 compare to $ 102 960 for the same 3 months period of last year. It is 13.7% of sales, $0.037 per share. As explained the strength of Euro and plant efficiencies brought the increase in profitability. Liquidity and Solvency The working capital is amounting to $ 767 673. It represents a major improvement from last quarter of $ 138 615. It is sufficient for current operations but not for major development, just minor improvements. The Debt/Equity ratio also improved significantly. All ratios are now over bank requirements. We had to change bank in first quarter and negotiated improved lines of credit for current operations. The line of credit is not in operation yet. Subsequent events The restructuring process of our capital into our subsidiary is still an issue we hope to finalize very soon. Legal proceedings We are still challenging a patent in Europe. The next hearing will be in March. It should be the last time we deposit documents. We are still confident to win this issue. We are not facing any new legal proceedings. As those are legal proceedings we will not know how it will affect our operations before the end of the procedures. Financing We negotiated and received banking long-term debt of $ 200 000 in current quarter. We needed to improve working capital after having invested into our plant in Q4 of last year. Other way we would not have had the liquidity to face needs in second quarter. Larry Sheedy, President January 13, 2004

By bobone

Posted: Friday Jan 23 11:39:50PM 2004

I would be interested in what any one thoughts are in regards to the news out today re stock options? At such a low price do you think this will hold the price down? BEAUPORT, Jan. 23 /CNW Telbec/ - Cie-Nergy Ply-foil Canada Inc. ("Cie-Nergy" or the "Company") announces it has granted an aggregate of 910,000 stock options (the "Options") to the directors, officers and employees of the Corporation. Each Option entitles the holder to acquire one common share of the Corporation at an exercise price of $ 0.1875 for directors and officers and of $ 0.10 to employees prior to close of business on January 9, 2007.

By stocklad

Posted: Thursday Jan 22 4:31:48PM 2004

Bought a bit of this a month ago and a bit more a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, did not get around to buying the lions share of it until after the earnings release, but I too think that CGY has great potential. Please keep in mind when doing your dd that the company is not taxable at this point, so you’ll have to make a downward adjustment to EPS. The company has moved from a D/E of over 11 at the end of fiscal 02 (August year-end) to a D/E of under 1.5 now. This is still quite high, but the large reduction results from the fact that this company is now generating a lot of cash, since there were no new share issues in 2003 or 2004 Y-T-D. Nice revenue growth and earnings went positive several quarters ago.

By petedran

Posted: Wednesday Jan 21 8:03:00PM 2004

Results look outstanding. Earnings of almost 4 cents. Looks extremely cheap. Cie-Nergy Q1-2004 Financial Results PROFITABILITY UP 243% Period ended November 30, 2003 Year Ago $ $ Revenue 2,585,587 2,349,340 Gross Profit 1,067,459 648,438 Net Profit 353,734 102,960 BEAUPORT, Quebec, Jan. 20 /CNW Telbec/ - Cie-Nergy Ply-foil Canada Inc. ("Cie-Nergy" or the "Company") (TSX Venture: CGY) announces its profitability is up 243% to a record high of $353,734 for a first quarter. The company experienced strong sales in the core markets of Eastern Canada along with more regular growth in most of its other markets. Expansion into new markets will bring regular sales growth in the coming quarters. The President of Cie-Nergy, Larry Sheedy noted, "Our plant investments along with a favorable sales mix brought exceptional margins that significantly improved profitability. Our improved working capital will permit new development to grow even more our sales." Cie-Nergy is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of specialty reflective insulating products designed to save on energy costs. The Company markets its products under the Thermo Foil(TM) and Ayr Foil(TM) brand names. The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. For further information: Larry Sheedy, President, Cie-Nergy Plyfoil Canada Inc., (418) 623-5481, Fax: (418) 623-6634,

By PAndreola

Posted: Thursday Jan 15 6:58:08PM 2004

CGY-V announced first quarter numbers today that were very impressive. They announced $0.037 eps. They have a trailing eps of approximately $0.07. I could see the company quite easily come in at $0.12 eps for the year. The stock looks very cheap fundamentally at the current $0.38. It has come a long way in the last few weeks however but should continue much higher in the long run. I would love to see what others think of the company.

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