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cmi c-com satellite 91 cents

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By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 23 7:33:05PM 2013

c-com hit a new high today. Les Klein presented at an export conference today in Toronto. Perhaps he impressed some people there.


Here is the link.

By stocklad

Posted: Sunday Sep 1 1:00:09PM 2013

murray: rocky is a mixed blessing.  In general terms, he's good at fundamentals, although he does tend to get a bit exuberant about the potential upside of things.  Also, his large following can be a negative if you haven't bought in already.  On the other hand, he did introduce me to DND, which I've done very well on so far.  I used to follow his posts regularly; not so much any more.


He's a relative newcomer to CMI, it seems, but his point this morning was a good one.  Given the increasing cash flow, CMI will likely increase the dividend again at some point.

By murrayn

Posted: Sunday Sep 1 9:02:43AM 2013

You know when a stock is no longer under the radar when rock07 starts posting on stockhouse.

By stocklad

Posted: Friday Aug 30 4:00:54PM 2013

C-Com has been active over the past several weeks.  All things being equal, the new relationships should result in yet another increase in sales and per share earnings.  Here are a few small excerpts from recent news releases...


23 July 2013: "C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. has started supplying South Africa's largest independent telecommunications firm Vox Telecom with iNetVu mobile antennas."


13 August 2013: "C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. has entered into a white label agreement with one of Asia's largest electronic manufacturers. C-Com's proprietary iNetVu antenna technology will be integrated with the company's products and services, and distributed worldwide under its own name. The company is a global enterprise with over 90 subsidiaries and with a presence in over 20 countries." 


29 August 2013: "C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Vislink, a United Kingdom-based secure communication technology provider. Vislink will promote, market, sell and support the C-Com manufactured range of iNetVu products, which would complement Vislink's existing product range and allow it to expand into new vertical markets including oil and gas, mining, police, fire, emergency, and disaster management. The iNetVu mobile antennas will be integrated with Vislink's technology and sold by Vislink to their customers as turnkey systems. C-Com will also promote and sell Vislink's high-end SNG and MSAT antenna products by making it available to all its resellers around the globe."

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Jul 26 9:56:44AM 2013

from today's ink research site-- the paid version



Insider Holdings Build at C-Com
Satellite Systems

July 26, 2013 - C-Com Satellite Systems
Inc. (CMI) has a high amount of executive buying compared to its micro-cap peers
over the past three months. The company develops and deploys commercial grade
mobile auto-deploying satellite technology for the delivery of two-way
high-speed Internet, VoIP and Video services into vehicles. Sales at C-Com have
been on a roll lately. For the 6 months ended 31 May 2013, revenues were $8.7
million, a 46% jump from the same quarter in 2012. Earnings per share for the
first 6 months increased more than 50% to 5.4 cents.

The company has a
strategy of moving away from the reliance of air-time subscription revenue which
has relatively low margins to the more profitable mobile antenna business. In
recent regulatory filings, the company says it expects that it will "encounter
more and more competitors" as it seeks to capitalize on new market opportunities
such as High Throughput Satellite systems. The company is counting on its
customer support and mass production capabilities to help it break into new
markets. It also believes it currently can show leadership in terms of price,
availability and technology. As of the end of last quarter, C-Com had about 37
cents per share of cash on the balance sheet.

Although the stock has more
than doubled over the past 6 months, insiders are exercising options and not
selling. That is usually a bullish sign.

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Jul 24 2:36:15PM 2013

the ceo Les Klein excercised options for 250,000 shares at 60 cents. I wonder if he did this free up some shares for a  buyer who is looking for a block of shares.  

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jul 16 12:23:25PM 2013

c com is on sale today. I think I know who the seller is. She went to a full service broker and the moron of an advisor told her to dump all the penny stocks in her portfolio so he can put in her nice safe investments that may make 3% a year if she is lucky. Some people just never learn. 

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jul 9 8:16:44PM 2013

sedar documents now filed. They have to pay 30% tax now so that explains why after tax income did not jump as much as revenue.

 What was also nice to reaad is the increase in gross margin by over 1.4% from the first q. I also like this from the md and a:  

The cost of sales percentage decreased to 50.3% from 57.0% for the same period last year

for two reasons. First, the company is using its purchasing power and significant cash

reserves to purchase production parts in larger quantities thus taking advantage of

supplier discounts and better pricing associated with large quantity orders. Second, we

are seeing a drop in airtime business with each passing quarter. The cost of sales

percentage associated with the airtime business is approximately 80% while the cost of

sales percentage associated with the mobile antenna business is approximately 40% to

45%. The overall cost of sales percentage will go down as the airtime business continues

to decline and become a small part of the overall business.

The company disclosed that close to one million options were excercised in the current q. ( not a single share was sold to my knowedge).


I also found this interesting:

In addition to this, the Company has developed new products that utilize solar

energy to power the iNetVu Flyaway and Transportable antenna systems.


This feature is a  big plus for those looking to acquire disaster ready equipment that can operate in areas where electicity is not available. 

The erratic weather  patterns experienced through Canada this summer and the world ought to heighten demand for their product.


I think the company may get  a p/e  of 20 so if they make 11 cents this year then we can expect a share price of over $2.20 by January 2014 or 50% plus in 6 months.  A p/e of 15 plus the likely cash get you in that range as well.







By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jul 9 7:52:03AM 2013

2nd q numbers came out. Revenue increased 22% from first q. Profit did not increase  not as much but is 2.8 cents  a share. THe sedar documents not yet filed. Working cpaital did increase by 1 million from the last q so thats great. Depending on what the filings disclose the share price ought to hit a new high today.

Its neareast comparable is comdev (cdv) which does not have as good margins or financial strength although perhaps a more diverse product line.  cdv  does not pay a dividend.  cdv trades at 16 times current projected earnings. If cmi makes 11 cents this year then it ought to trade around 1.75.  


By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Jul 3 1:37:10PM 2013

Stock is trading in tight range and decent volume. very small trades of 100 shares indicates someone is picking up shares quietly. Pershing Securities has been buying. They are an American outfit that opened in Canada last year. Owned by Pershing in US who are often in the news(eg Einhorn/ cp rail). Not sure how much to read into it. 2nd q numbers are out last week in July ( if last year's schedule is  typical). I tihnk they will have a hugh 2nd q.        

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Jun 14 10:08:26AM 2013

no pun intended.

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Jun 14 10:07:09AM 2013

c-com continues to hit new highs. Increasing volume. Share price never jumps very much in a day. I suspect someone( not retail)  is trying to accumulate shares and does not want cmi to show up on any radar screens. 

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jun 11 7:24:22AM 2013

Here is a link to an interesting interview in July 2012 with executives of a number of satellite producers, including C-Com:


The fact that C-Com is on the sme panel as General Dynamics may provide some evidence of  c-com's growing status. 




By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Jun 5 10:55:10AM 2013

cmi hitting new all time high today of 1.24 on good volume. I wonder if perhaps a fund is takng an interest. 

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday May 28 8:23:54PM 2013

Yet another insider exercised options to buy  100,000 shares well before they expire.  No sales by anyone yet. 

By murrayn

Posted: Monday May 27 2:07:58PM 2013

Satellite companies typically trade at 20 p/e for current year and ev/ebidta of 7.5. On both metrics I think the share price ought to be closer to $3.00 as we get through another q or 2.  

By murrayn

Posted: Monday May 27 1:17:16PM 2013


CEOCFO: What is
the key to C-COM Satellite Systems’ success?

Mr. Klein: They (sic) key to our success is the technology we have, which is one of the most advanced
in the world. We have a good lead on our competitors with this technology. The
product has also been designed to be extremely reliable and cost-effective. We
have a very good team of people who are able to provide excellent technical
support to those who need it around the world. The combination of all these
factors makes it relatively easy to sell the product and it literally flies off
the shelves and is being sold in large quantities around the world.



By stocklad

Posted: Monday May 27 9:23:01AM 2013

Do you have a link for that interview?

By murrayn

Posted: Monday May 27 5:48:08AM 2013

cmi hit new all time  high on Friday. According to a recent ( April 26, 2013 )interview with the ceo, their new antennas are 'flying off the shelves". The company could make as much as 15 cents a share this year.


Another insider excercised options last week. No sales by any of the insiders who excercised options. That is usually a very bullish sign.

By murrayn

Posted: Monday May 6 11:47:32AM 2013

c-com hitting new high today on nice volume. Perhaps this is the beginning of the next leg up.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Apr 25 6:46:06AM 2013

More excercise of options by a different officer and also well before  they expired.  


Published Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:40AM

C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. (CMI) has a high
amount of executive buying compared to its micro-cap peers over the past three

Bilal Awada,
a Senior Officer, acquired 50,000 Common Shares on a direct ownership basis at a
price of $0.285 through an exercise of options on April 19th, 2013. This
represents a $14,250 investment into the company's shares and an account share
holdings change of 45.3%.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Apr 23 7:48:23AM 2013

Since the earnings have come out on the 16th , the CEO Klein has excercised options to buy 725,000 shares. As far as I can tell none of those options were expiring imminently so he had the choice to excercise them later if he wanted to.   

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Apr 16 5:28:25PM 2013

A clarification. The md and a said they expect strong demand for their product all of this year.


The ceo Klein is over 70 so I would not be suprised if he sells out in the next year or so. He and his wife control a lot of shares so its their call. 

By stocklad

Posted: Tuesday Apr 16 4:46:33PM 2013

Yes, another great quarter.  Short term assets minus all liabilities (or working capital minus long term liabilities, if you prefer) is now $.45/fully diluted share.  The fact that 2012's results were lower than 2011's led some people to undervalue the company, but 2011 was an anomaly because the company sold a lot of equipment in the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami.  Looking back several years, you can easily see the underlying growth trajectory of the company.  Also, in 2012, the company's cash flow was only about half of its earnings because of an inventory build.  In this latest quarter (Q1 of 2013), the company has returned to being a cash cow.  While I don't think cash flow of 300+% of earnings is sustainable, it was certainly nice to see.


Q1 revenue was up 50.5% year over year and fully diluted eps was up 225.3%.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Apr 16 7:30:13AM 2013

company reported 1st q profit of 2.5 cents a share ( just under 1mill). It said the 1st q is usually its slowest q. The mda said it anticipates big demand for its new products this quarter.


company has cash of 13 mil or 37 cents a share.


lots of insider buying in past year as high as 71 cents


boosted divy starting this q to 4 cents a share or 1 cent per q  or 4.3 % yield


stronger us dollar good for them.


I think this stock price will go much higher.


one year target $2.25

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