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CON-SPACE (CCB) news release today

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By dundee

Posted: Thursday May 12 2:32:34PM 2005

My only dissapointment with CCB is their press release writing abilities. The Q3 numbers were really quite fantastic in my opinion and there were a lot of positive things that could have been said that were jsut ommitted. I suppose this gives us some more time to accummulate before a wider audience realizes the value here. I saw an investor presentation a few months ago given by the president of the company. I was very impressed. I have bought and sold this stock a number of times. I must say that after his presentation, I picked up some more. Nice to see the move today albeit on low volume. From a technical standpoint, a breakout above $1.20 would be significant. Keep your fingers crossed!

By dugman

Posted: Thursday May 12 12:05:53PM 2005

Just an observation - though this company is a thin trader, it appears that it is starting to get noticed. Even in this bad market, this is a quality company that continues to shine through with good results. I picked up more shares today, expecting new highs to follow. 2005 should be a good year for con-space. we go

By stocklad

Posted: Friday Jan 21 5:19:43AM 2005

I should add that, IMHO, Con-Space showed considerable smarts in having the patience to wait until the price better reflected underlying value before securing additional financing. If the 2005 EPS projection holds up, then we should have quite a positive year in terms of price appreciation.

By stocklad

Posted: Thursday Jan 20 7:30:40PM 2005

Doren: A year or so ago, Con-Space (and QIS) posted some long-term projections on CCB, both with and without a small private placement. These projections, while quite positive, were withdrawn. Does the company have any revised guidance or updated long term projections that it cares to pass along at this time? Do you know when the company might be a little more specific about the use of the funds?

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