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CTG - QIS still a holder?

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By mrjones321

Posted: Thursday Aug 14 8:31:52AM 2008

CTG has taken it the teeth the last while. It has come off from a 52 week high of 30 plus cents to a new low this week. I am curious if you still hold any shares Doren? If so why? CTG did a recent financing however, the way this company burns cash i wonder how long this will really last. In addition to this I dont know who would lend any more money to them given their bad track record with money from financings(spending it). They dont seem to ever disclose info to the public ie selling Magreb Minerals or putting out production numbers on a timely basis. They have the overpromise and under deliver down to a science it seems(my opinion). If you look at their expenses they are way too high for a junior stock. The PR company is paid way too much for example. Maybe you see more in this stock than I do Doren. Anyways Doren I am not picking on you with this stock as I own stocks with their own set of problems :) I just would like to hear your point of view. Thanks

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Canadian Small Caps

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