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By elephant

Posted: Friday Oct 26 2:05:00PM 2007

All right Doren. I will look at it...It should be ready for monday at last maybe Sunday.

By dquinton

Posted: Friday Oct 26 8:55:54AM 2007

You can send an update to thx

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Oct 25 9:29:28AM 2007

Elephant if you learned anything new at the CTG meeting please share. As a shareholder I would like to hear how things went. Any further bantering about identity, personal attacks, and lack of substance will be deleted on this thread.

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Oct 24 5:40:27PM 2007

Ok, so you were there. We are all proud of you. So???????? Why should we care that you were there? You must have gleaned at least one tidbit of useful or interesting information to report from the meeting that might actually benefit somone reading this thread...........

By elephant

Posted: Wednesday Oct 24 4:49:28PM 2007

I am not insulting people by this time...the only one who insult peoples is the little boy Mr.Jones 321 despite warning from Doren Quinton couple months ago... I hopes Doren will delete his messages and ban the guy... he accuse me from things without merit... I told him many times...I have nothing to do with Deauville/Val-Neigette

By elephant

Posted: Monday Oct 22 4:54:33PM 2007

To:Dundee Sorry but as I told you many times...I am not your broker. my advice is :strong buy but if you want to be more secure...ask your broker.

By dundee

Posted: Sunday Oct 21 4:30:08PM 2007

OK Elephant, This seems to be another perfect opportunity for you to post some real analysis on a company so you can disprove the opinion that most of us here have of you. You say that the time is now to buy CTG. Tell us why! Until you give us reason to give your remarks credibility, we will ignore you - prove to us that we should care what you post! Give us some real analysis to chew on. Eagerly awaiting your wisdom, Dundee

By mrjones321

Posted: Sunday Oct 21 3:54:24PM 2007

What does JTC have to do with CTG? Go to the right bulletin board please and thank you. Doren and I must have a difference of opinion when it comes to CTG. Maybe Doren is looking for a short term gain as CTG is a producing mine in the US paying US labour with gold being at all time highs. My problem with CTG is George. If you ever chat with him on the phone he never answers your direct questions. He is way too evasive. This is why I sold out. As for their properties I like them. I also do not like the fact they have had so many financings that have had a direct impact after they became free trading. The guys taking on the financings have sold right away thus no support for the stock. Thats my opinion you are free to view yours. Maybe Doren can elaborate as to why he bought in and if he is short or longer term.

By elephant

Posted: Sunday Oct 21 1:15:34PM 2007

JTC??? I did sell some shares before the Ontario Contract expiration but never said that I just hold a little position.I hold more than 1% of the float. I follow Doren not you...let your frustration outside the bullboard. Then for CTG...time to buy is now!!!

By elephant

Posted: Saturday Oct 20 9:25:50AM 2007

Who is right??? Somebody who bash me on this forum(Mr.Jones 321)is out of Global Minerals...last message-bullboard but Doren Quinton is buying for the QIS-portfolio. I bet Doren is right...he is a fellow investor. Sorry Mr.Jones but I follow Doren not you.

By nothappy

Posted: Tuesday Sep 18 7:00:15AM 2007

yeah...sorry to admit I do!

By cynic

Posted: Monday Sep 3 9:40:27AM 2007

Anyone follow this???? Own any??? frustrated???

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

CLICK HERE to view the presentations from the Spring 2016 Small-Cap Conferences.

We are pleased to publish the PowerPoint presentations from The Small-Cap Conferences that were held in Calgary on March 30, 2016 and in Vancouver on May 3, 2016.

We encourage investors to review the presentations and contact the companies with any further questions.

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