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By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Sep 17 7:36:09AM 2014

Yes - "But I can't remember where I saved it on my computer"

Congrats on a fantastic win on DAP.U.  I "was" a shareholder and made a nice profit on this one but had no idea it would go this high.  Sales growth continues so we may see more.

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 15 7:46:53AM 2014

Longtime posters may recal I recommended this stock at 14 cents over 2 years ago. It just crossed 3.00 today. A real lesson in patience,  ignoring volatility and holding some  shares even when you already already made  a killing and  sold most of your position.


I am 55 and I am still learning. Keeping a written journal of these lessons is a helpful idea so you don't make the mistake over and over again.  I suggest written because if you are like me, you  are not likely to remember where you saved it on your computer.   


Doren and gang  I seem to recall you had a running list of these kind of points somewhere on the site.

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Canadian Small Caps

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