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By dundee

Posted: Thursday Mar 31 1:05:48PM 2005

I would agree to some level that there can be a self-fulfilling prophacy when Doren selects a stock for his protfolio. But that is no fault of Doren. For the most part, if you look at the stocks be buys, the liquidity is actually pretty decent - look at some of his top holdings. BDE.A for instance has traded move than half a million dollars worth of stock today. CXX, a recent porfolio purchase he made has traded almost $200K worth already today. I would certainly not say the liquidity of the stocks in his trading portfolio are any less liquid than any other small cap. just my opinion

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Tuesday Mar 29 6:26:49PM 2005

Question of the day: How do we now that Doren actually buys what he says he does in the trading summary?

By tekkie

Posted: Wednesday Mar 30 7:39:24AM 2005

Agreed. I think that is what Broke in Canada has been trying to say, if you look past his filthy language and inproper method of conveying an idea. There are a lot of followers and when Doren buys a lot of other people buy too. Obviously this will drive up the price on some of these smaller companies. But it is what it is, so I am going to try ride the wave again, but this time with more surfboards.

By squash

Posted: Tuesday Mar 29 10:29:18PM 2005

You might want to check out the Westbond Enterprise and Con-space communications websites also.

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Mar 29 4:05:00PM 2005

I see what you are saying tekkie, but I think people would have more of a problem if Doren loaded up and then starting promoting (I know I would). If his analysis is wrong he stands to loose as we do, more so as he is likely to loose them as a client, which now his everyday living money is at stake. So I think it is in his best interest to take on clients that have real potential to grow and not your real blue sky stuff that other organizations accept as clients.

By tekkie

Posted: Tuesday Mar 29 3:36:10PM 2005

Gee, I agree that this is a well-run site and the trading activity is totally transparent. But you seem to be agreeing with Broke in Canada, as you have said Doren buys AFTER he gets an investors relation contract. That is what Broke in Canada has been arguing. It seems one would be more comfortable if he purchased PRIOR to being hired on.

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Mar 29 12:23:31PM 2005

I think as eagle has pointed out without diversification it does not matter who you are getting your stock picks from there is always a risk. As the saying goes “never put all your eggs in one basket”. Of my penny stock portfolio I have no more than 10% of my portfolio in anyone stock and my average investment is 5% of my portfolio … with this I am always protected from a disaster occurring, which did happen with DTX … I took a 5% loss on the portfolio on that one, but am still up %15 for the year. Furthermore diversification means having your money in different asset classes. I have my overall portfolio in bonds, blue chip dividend stocks, income trusts and penny stocks. Gee.

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Canadian Small Caps

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