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Doren on BNN Aug.15

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By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Aug 16 10:38:07AM 2007

Baden on sale. Heck they are all on sale. I broke my own rule and bought more at 41 cents. In 12 months from now it could be worth more than double the price. I bought back today what I sold yesterday for 14 cents cheaper per share.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Aug 16 8:27:47AM 2007

I think that if the pumping of cash into the system by the feds in canada and the us does not work then it may be the next step. The feds perhaps want to see the big banks write some big checks first to make sure they are feeling the pain beofre they come and bail them out with an interst rate drop. I am no economist but look at what happened in Japan. When their real estate bubble deflated they dropped the rates to near zero. Not suggesting that we will get anywhere near that rate. I thik the fed govt will introduce new legislation on lending. no more no money down mortgages permitted etc.

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Aug 16 8:08:08AM 2007

murrayn, are you expecting an interest rate drop in Canada or the US? or both? This would be a really interesting change in the bias of the Bank of Canada if it happened.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Aug 16 7:28:45AM 2007

When the market finishes correcting the place to be will be the beaten up large cap stocks. That has always been the case and I dont think there would be any difference this time. The lead may not come from the banks however. Look to the utility stocks like trp etc. Especially if we see an interest rate drop which I think is going to happen by next week if the decline continues. Manulife may also offer a bargain. I am starting to put together my watch list. Anyone else care to add to it?

By cjack

Posted: Wednesday Aug 15 6:28:54PM 2007

I try to restrict my fantasies to movements in stock price. Maybe the folks at BNN deserve a little more respect.

By rodball

Posted: Wednesday Aug 15 5:10:40PM 2007

Bobwins, If Lou was laying a beating (or should I say "seating") on you, I would leave the ladies to defend a fellow QISer! Well, it might depend on what kind of donut Lou was eating...

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Wednesday Aug 15 11:26:45AM 2007

Thanks, rodball, that pretty well sums it up!

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Aug 15 10:04:07AM 2007

Wow! Nice job, Doren. Looking very professional. Had all the facts at the tip of his tongue and came across as focused on facts and value. Noticed that every name he mentioned that I checked was up. Bobwins

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