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EIL.v C$.07

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By Bobwins

Posted: Saturday Jul 9 6:36:32PM 2016

Sold out of EIL.v a couple of weeks ago after many years of holding.  I still love amusement sector but company has struggled to increase margins and eps even though gross revs have soared.  Desperately searching thru portfolio for more cash to buy gold/silver stocks and EIL.v just hasn't been doing well.  So gave up on one of my favorites.  Subsequently reverse split and spinoff happened.  Stock price hasn't responded well.  So far so good.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday May 30 8:42:24AM 2016

EIL.v  C$.105  Empire reported .015eps for Q1 but it was all currency hedging gains.  Gross and net both down tiny amts from Q1 2015.  Structural steel business down dramatically due to oil slowdown.  Tornado Truck business still part of company until June shareholders vote.  Company says they are very busy but margins still seem tight in the amusement ride business.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday May 18 7:02:21AM 2016

EIL.v +.005 to C$.10

Empire is spinning off it's HydroVac business to a Chinese investor.  They will form a unit in China to manufacturer and market the trucks in China.  This spinoff will accomplish multiple purposes.  The current holders of Empire will get 1/4 share of the new Empire and 1/8 share of Tornado.  This will basically be a spinoff and reverse split in one transaction.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Nov 26 5:52:59AM 2015

Empire posted Q3 earnings of .004eps.  Ytd 9 month earnings are about the same.

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Canadian Small Caps

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