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Elite Technical

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By Gee

Posted: Friday Sep 3 3:09:30PM 2004

ET was under some selling pressure the last couple of weeks due to some warrants being exercised by Leede and the price was pushed down to the .30 cent level. The selling stopped last week and the price is starting to move up again hitting .355 cents today before falling back and closing at .34 cents. ETís financials are due out next week and are expected to confirm ET will do eps of between .05 and .06 cents this year. Gee.

By SDonen

Posted: Friday May 7 8:32:39PM 2004

Doren, you must realy believe in ET to buy another 10000 and average up as you are doing. Good stuff! I may bid for more on Monday.

By SDonen

Posted: Thursday Apr 29 9:07:20PM 2004

Thank you Doren. Well, all I can say is impressive. I think they will continue to draw in more contracts.

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Apr 29 6:21:00PM 2004

Yes, QIS Capital management purchased 13,000 shares of ET at $0.10 and 13,000 shares at $0.15. Prospects are currently looking good with the renewal of the major contract and several new smaller orders. I toured the facilities at the end of March and was impressed with the set-up, products, and management. My original plan was to buy when the company was running at about $0.01 to $0.015 eps annualized, but with the new contracts I am moving my earnings target to $0.04 to $0.05 per share. Hope they continue to post positive numbers.

By DaveB

Posted: Thursday Apr 29 6:58:50AM 2004

Just registered on Stockhouse and found ET board. Thank you. QIS has purchased 26,000 shares of ET. Looking forward to more announcements and upcoming financial statements.

By SDonen

Posted: Wednesday Apr 28 4:36:19PM 2004

Doren, You bought 15000 shares of Elite Technical but would you share your thoughts about this company, it outlook, trading pattern, etc.?

By SDonen

Posted: Tuesday Apr 27 3:47:25PM 2004

Go ET go! Go ET go! Going to 40 cents.

By SDonen

Posted: Saturday Apr 24 9:20:54PM 2004

Do you not know about stockhouse? There was a discussion about the meetin gon the board. No news except that it went well.

By DaveB

Posted: Saturday Apr 24 12:11:03PM 2004

I purchased some yesterday as well. Have you had any feedback about their roadshow last week?

By SDonen

Posted: Saturday Apr 24 9:08:52AM 2004

Picked some up yesterday near the close. Theirs a gap in trading but Ive followed this stock for some time. Wish I had gotten in earlier instead of just following it. The gap always closes quite quickly. They will announce a pile of money for the next quarter.

By DaveB

Posted: Friday Apr 23 9:27:56AM 2004

Another cable order announced today valued at over $130k and last trade at $0.20. Looks promising.

By SDonen

Posted: Thursday Apr 8 7:59:16AM 2004

Word is company is going to Vancover next week and meet wih various brokerages to do a pitch. Something is brewing. They must have something to show to do a pitch.

By SDonen

Posted: Tuesday Apr 6 8:52:05PM 2004

Paid 10k today at 16. Leedes did the financing so there is overhang of shares thats normel for any company doing financing. Not worried about at all. Key is expected earnings for next quarter and renewable contracts which look super. Debt is going way down too. I think stock will continue uptrend as people seem to only be aware of thsi gem recently. Stock will at least double I believe.

By DaveB

Posted: Wednesday Apr 7 8:14:10AM 2004

Thank you for both of the responses. Company seems to be on the right track with increasing sales, continuity with their existing customer base and an increase in their sales personnel. I think it might be time to start a position and watch the share price appreciate in line with company growth. Good luck everyone.

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Apr 6 7:52:11PM 2004

Leede has been the steady seller the past few months. They have been letting the price rise, but will push it back after each new up-tick. I think a good entry price now will be anything below 16 cents. (imo)

By DaveB

Posted: Tuesday Apr 6 6:49:31PM 2004

Does anyone follow this company? And if so, any comments? Seems to be showing some strength and am wondering if it is a good time to take a position. Thanks.

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