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Exall Energy C$1.27

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By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 6 8:26:16AM 2011 -.08 to 1.79 Q1 results under expectations. They have two wells shut in due to overproduction during the GPP approval process. Have to sit in the penalty box until June and July before bringing them back online. They reported some drilling success but two wells are only 310boepd net to Need waterflood approval to get production back on track for forecasted production and cashflow numbers. Good news is that they added additional acreage nearby.

By Bobwins

Posted: Saturday Mar 26 10:56:22AM 2011

ah, such kind words....and so clear.... what is the mystery red flag? Do I have to beg you for your wisdom? Can ya spare a dime for a guy down on his luck? Or am I supposed to just trust you and sell? Your admirer, Bobwins

By oilerman

Posted: Saturday Mar 26 12:25:19AM 2011 you do any actual thinking when you read press releases? Do I need to point out a really big "red flag" in the latest Exall press release. Get out while this is over 2 bucks. Thank me later.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Mar 24 10:28:57AM 2011 -.07 to C$2.05 Annual report is out. Made .05eps for 2010, big increases in production, revs and cashflow. Q4 avgd 999boepd, currently producing 1500boepd with 500 behind pipe due to overproduction. Cashflow for Q4 was .05. Netbacks were $42/boe. Expect Q1 to be around $50. With 1500boepd production, cashflow should be .11. Company had earlier forecast .55 cashflow for 2011 so would need to avg .15/qtr for the last 3 qtrs to hit that number. Not out of the question.

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Jan 31 2:24:47PM 2011 Exall recovering from big sell off Friday. Hopefully production news will keep coming and supporting share price. As time goes by, production profile for the Marten wells will become more important, either showing that they have a superior decline profile to other horizontals OR that they just a little later. Need more history but if company is right, then market is underestimating Exall.

By Garrett

Posted: Tuesday Dec 21 2:16:31PM 2010

Bob Thanks for the update. Excellent questions. Garrett

By knobizumi

Posted: Tuesday Dec 21 12:35:47PM 2010

Very nice call so far bobwins!

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Dec 20 6:49:08AM 2010

+.20 to 1.99 up strong at the open. Coverage by Dundee and an initial 2.45 price target. Hoping it drops back a bit in the PM so I can get my extra shares below $2. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Dec 17 11:17:32AM 2010

Exall continues to move up +.07 to C$1.78 I think the stock is still a double from here. The development wells are coming online as expected. Production should continue to climb towards their goal of 3,000bpd by 12/11. These wells appear to have a very flat decline rate.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Dec 14 2:56:03PM 2010

Alberta has its own set of rules for new oil wells. There is a maximum number of barrels you can produce while you are in the process of applying for the maximum allowable production rate going forward. If you produce within the max rate but still get to the total number of barrels, you could be required to shut the well in until the GPP approval is received. I was trying to find the appropriate section but got tired of reading. Here is one document:

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