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Expedition Energy XPD

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By markus

Posted: Wednesday Apr 27 10:22:02PM 2005

I am expecting 10 cents on a triple-double doji.

By johnny

Posted: Wednesday Apr 27 1:23:37PM 2005

Is there anyone out there whoís adept at technical chart analysis? The Expedition Energy chart is following a pattern that looks to me like either a Measured Move or a Fan. If itís the former, the second leg is near the end but will probably drop just a wee bit more (a week maybe in the .35 - .38 range) before a steady climb upwards. If itís the Fan, the second trendline is near the end, but a third trendline will probably follow (possibly going down as low as .25) before a steady climb upwards. Both patterns look plausible, but I really wish I had some expertís opinion.

By Blurr

Posted: Monday Apr 25 5:56:35PM 2005

Thanks Doren, I guess we can view the recent trading as a buying opportunity.

By Blurr

Posted: Monday Apr 25 12:48:47PM 2005

Doren, Your trading records indicate that you continue to see value in XPD. Based on a few comments on this thread it would appear that a few investors have a few questions regarding the trading performance of Expedition, even when considering the poor market environment right now. Care to share any thoughts?

By oilspout

Posted: Wednesday Apr 20 8:28:24PM 2005

Cjack, so you would expect the floor to be around 0.40 or close to it(given the PP at 0.40). Rarely possible to pick the exact bottom but I think we are close. Given time, I believe the management team here will generate substantial value for shareholders. I may just test the waters at these levels.

By cjack

Posted: Wednesday Apr 20 8:16:57PM 2005

The two private placements made in late 2004 became free trading this month. Check SEDAR for press releases in November and December. One of the private placements was made at 40c, the other one was a flow through made at 65c. I added a tonne of shares at 40c, wish I had waited for 38c. :)

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