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Expedition Energy?

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By another pothole

Posted: Monday Nov 21 11:23:59AM 2005

Prospector --readers of this site have noted your complaint, and again, and again, and again -- enough please.

By oilspout

Posted: Saturday Nov 19 9:12:05AM 2005

Expedition could have priced their offering at a nice discount to the market (say at $0.50) when the share price was $0.58 to $0.60 and easily raised money. Investors would have howled at the dilution and the shares would have sold off. Reminds me of Bison who never went to the market as they refused to discount their shares and pay hefty brokerage commissions. They turned out alright.


Posted: Friday Nov 18 10:32:19AM 2005

In as of today: nice chart...

By Prospector

Posted: Friday Nov 18 9:02:06AM 2005

Pete - I realize that AEI and LMK are much different than XPD, but my point was that if those two (and even some penny O&G stocks) can raise cash in the past couple of months, then XPD should be able to as well, much easier than most of those. Given that all seems to be running well at the company, I think this one falls on the Emerging Equities people and their capabilities. Hopefully XPD will find another firm that can actually deliver.

By petedran

Posted: Thursday Nov 17 7:34:32PM 2005

I wouldnt put arsenal or landmark in the same category as xpd. arsenals strategy is to buy production, to do this you issues shares. Landmark is as much a promotors company as it is an oil company as they dont have any kind of geologists on staff and are located in kelowna bc, far the the oil centre of calgary. they may just spend as much on marketing as they do on capex. xpd chooses to grow with the drill bit and i for one am happy they are not issuing more shares below NAV. 70 cents would be a more reasonable level to issue shares. by the way fantastic financials out on xpd.

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