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Eyelogic Systems (EYE.A)

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By dundee

Posted: Saturday Jun 4 5:35:43PM 2005

I Rodball, I first bought some EYE.A way back when they had first gone public - I believe it was an RTO of a junior capital pool back on the old ASE... ah... those were the days.... I made did pretty good on the stock, but it has always been illiquid. I had my eyes tested with their software and it nailed my prescription dead on (or at least the same as my eye doc). I know back then they had encountered a lot of resistence to their technology as it can basically replace a professional ophlamologist (sp??? - eye doc) with a clinic assistant. Without a few hours of training on the software and equipment, just about anyone could administer an eye exam. The ophlamologists, of course, fiercly protected their markets. Not sure how much of a role the same politics plays in capping their growth now. The little dividend is a good way for they to get some value recognition in the market.

By Gee

Posted: Saturday Jun 4 3:36:50PM 2005

I have been watching this one for some time now as well. I even bid on it once when it was .40 cents. IMO I would not buy it for the dividend ... I think you are better off to stick with the liquid blue chips if you are interested in earning dividends.

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