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Formation Fluid FFM 50 cents

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By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Nov 28 10:40:28AM 2014

FFM.v  -.015 to C$.19   Formation reported a profitable Q1 ending 9/30/14.  However gross revs and Ebidta were substantially less than 2013.  I think they may have completed a major project, which is why revs are down. 

PR says they now have two units but obviously both didn't get used yet.  Have to hope for a short winter and early spring breakup so they have a chance to make up revs in their Q4 ending 6/30/15. 

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Oct 13 8:44:30AM 2014

My understanding is that the company is receivng significant interest in the US where the company can do business  in the winter.

 As well, any place where water is in short supply requires their services and those locations are more likely to be found in the US. Their press releases confirm that additional units are being made : I figure at least 4 more up from only 1.  In some ways they are like other oil and gas  equipment outfits. You have to have inventory available otherwise companies like apache won't deal with you.    

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Oct 8 11:38:13AM 2014

market is ugly.  FFM.v  -.01 to C$.32   I added at .32 today.  US markets having a late day comeback, although that mostly large caps.  My stocks are still bright red.  Sent an email to company asking about lack of revs in winter months.  If they only have revs 6 months a year, the stock will struggle.  Will post response, if any.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Sep 22 12:42:01PM 2014

-.08 to C$.37  Canadian investors appear more spooked than US investors.  All my Canadian stocks are down, some by double digit amounts on no news.  You guys ok up there?

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 15 12:08:27PM 2014

I think we may find this is just a sale to get shares into hands of bigger buyers. My hunch is that the share price up bounces back in a week  or two. We saw this with QST. Shares drop 30-50% and cause panic selling. Its a great opportunity to buy.  



By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Sep 15 9:27:23AM 2014

I bought some more at the open at .39.  Big drop.  If overall market gets weak, this one could be vulnerable for more downside.  But upside could be big.  

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 15 7:48:16AM 2014

FFM is on sale today. 40 cents a share. I bought some more.

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Sep 12 8:18:05AM 2014

Thanks for finding FFM.v.  I bought a few yesterday at .49.  Not much trading volume today.  Maybe I can pick up some cheaper after the dust settles.  If Apache liked it, others should be interested as well.  Water recycling is going to be very big, especially in the US Southwest.  They are in drought conditions and drillers are sucking up fresh water supplies and sending it down each new wellbore.  The produced water gets sent back down disposal wells or just evaporates in holding ponds.  Some of these little towns are going to run out of fresh water BUT they'll have oil to drink!  

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Sep 10 7:31:17PM 2014

Just reported its  annual results (june 30). 2 cents a share profit. not bad considering 2 of the 4 qs had no revenue. Outlook is great. This year they only had one unit running. They will end the current year with 4   units which are more efficient and larger so profits could really take off. High gross margin. The CEO is one of the founders of Badger Daylighting.  This one could be a 10 bagger in a few years. 

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