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Gold Stocks

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By ousmane

Posted: Saturday Jan 7 3:03:05PM 2006

I like ELO or Eloro as a gold play. Very heavy insider buying by two directors, less so by a third director. Thomas Larsen has bought over quarter million shares since November. I like Northfield Capital connection as well.

By dundee

Posted: Friday Jan 6 10:39:12AM 2006

CGW has traded over a million shares today and is inching upwards - now $0.07.

By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Dec 20 5:06:32PM 2005

interesting trend eh! (CGW)

By Pennypicker

Posted: Tuesday Dec 20 7:05:41AM 2005

CGW seems to peak in March-April each year over the last 5 years! It may be a positive entry point now for that runup in the spring...time will tell if this trend holds?

By Pennypicker

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 7:10:24AM 2005

CGW is a cheap entry into goldplays?

By ousmane

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 12:09:12AM 2005

I thought the EXL results were somewhat disappointing. Part of the disappointment is qualified as the results are compared with two previous nrs which stated outstanding results. Also, a crucial 4th drillhole is not in yet and that could turn the tables as it would confirm mineralisation over a wide area. My concern is that gold values seem to drop off the further one moves away from that semi-circle arc from around the old mine to the NE corner of the property.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Wednesday Dec 7 12:51:51PM 2005

Well, CGW really showed some good legs and EXL had a terrible day.........hope no one bought based on those posts...... As far as the fundamantal side.....I mean, even if you have 100g/t, what does that really say if it is over 0.5 meter interval.

By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Dec 6 4:03:18PM 2005

EXL (Exall Resources) also hit a nice gold intercept in its drill program. Stock is halted for the news. Will be interesting to see what happens to this one tomorrow when it resumes trading.

By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Dec 6 1:21:38PM 2005

since some of this discussion has been about "exploration stocks," not just "gold stocks," those of you who like mining plays should take a quick peek at CGW. It traded 1.5 million shares and started to rally a little today. From a technical trading perspective, it might have some legs over the next few trading sessions.

By Gee

Posted: Monday Dec 5 1:46:25PM 2005

All last week I watched some juniors make moves such as NSM and CPQ. I took a position on Friday in NSM at .41 cents as they seem the closest to going into production ... it closed today at .49 cents.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Monday Dec 5 1:32:20PM 2005

Is it quite obvious? Gold has risen 57% in three years, and the CDN dollar has appreciated relative to the US dollar by 35%. What does your parity relationship say about the remaining significant difference? Thus, the real gain is about 17%, which is not amazing, but a little bit better than "not much at all." I think the higher costs of production (estimated at 30% more than 5 years ago) tell a bit more of the story.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Monday Dec 5 9:56:11AM 2005

Speculation and greed, I hope.

By ousmane

Posted: Sunday Dec 4 3:13:42PM 2005

I feel we are entering into if not already entered into a very big minerals market bull run, especially in Gold. As such, I have been selling off portions of some of my non-resource stocks to play near term producing and/or newly producing gold stocks.

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Canadian Small Caps

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