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gold stocks

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By Leila

Posted: Monday Feb 9 9:54:46AM 2004

Take a look at Anatolia Exploration (ANO.U). Not producing yet, but Kinross just picked up several million shares and the institutional investors such as AGF are buying heavily. They are sitting on about 4 mill OZ of gold reserves in Turkey and are well financed. It appears to be getting ready to explode to the upside. Some are valuating it at or around US$5.00. Do your DD on this one because its trading in USD and that may have a bearing on your investment.

By oilspout

Posted: Saturday Feb 7 10:50:59AM 2004

Anybody here follow orezone resources. Looks like an interesting play in West Africa and they have reported some good results thus far. A nice kicker is they are about to list on the AMEX (3 to 4 weeks)which should boost the profile and share price. Appreciate any comments.

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Jan 5 9:26:46AM 2004

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am not a huge mining investor. One can achieve phenomenal gains in the mining sector but being a fundamental investor, I find it very difficult to properly evaluate mining companies and their potential. Having said that, I rely on many of my broker, IR, and investor contacts to bring mining situations to my attention. QIS Capital did well on its mining stocks in 2003 as a result of these contacts. I was introduced to Inlet Resources through a few of the contacts that I have. As most mining companies are, it is highly speculative and I thus took only a minor position. You can find out about as much as I know by viewing their public documents or by visiting their website at Good Luck!

By bobone

Posted: Saturday Jan 3 10:45:53PM 2004

Does anyone have any comments on Inlet Resources (INS)? Doren I see you picked up some shares was this a pure spectulation play or did you see or hear something that made you aware of this company?

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Dec 23 8:12:24PM 2003

Does anyone have any comments on Glencairn Gold Corporation (TSX:GGG). I am looking at taking a position here is some basic. Glencairn Gold Corporation (TSXV: GLJ) amalgamated with Black Hawk mining and started trading under their new symbol GGG on the TSX on October 24, 2003. Many of the senior management team consists of former Wheaton River Minerals Ltd management including the Chairman who was the Chairman and CEO of Wheaton until 2001. There current gold production comes from one mine the Limon Mine in Nicaragua of approximately 55,000 ounces of gold per year. The have raised $11.5 million dollars and have started construction of their second mine the Bellavista gold mine located in Costa Rica. Construction is expected to be completed in one year, with gold production scheduled to begin prior to the end of 2004. Total cost of developing this mine is $26 million Ö current talks is under way to arrange financing to complete development of the mine. Once completed the mine is expected to produce 60,000 ounces of gold a year for 7.3 years with the cost of producing an ounce of gold including all royalties projected at US$177 per ounce. They are also sitting on a deposit in Timmins, Ont., with a 261,100 oz. measured and indicated resource and a further 379,800 oz. inferred resource, is at the prefeasibility stage. I donít have a position in this GGG at this time, but it does look promising Ö I have requested the latest research report from the company and if there is anything else of interest in it I will pass it on. Gee.

By lizzy

Posted: Thursday Dec 11 3:45:29AM 2003

Hello everyone, I own G, K, THT and WRM.WT. I sold some wrm.wt and go my initial investment back. The rest is profits. I see gold stock have come down a bit this week. I should of taken some profit in my other stocks but I did not, greed probably played into it. I can still take profits but I will probably hold on now for the long term. Liz

By Gee

Posted: Monday Dec 8 9:15:23AM 2003

Hi Lizzy, I am in RSG for gold/diamonds. Diamond production has started and we should start seeing cash flow from the sale of the diamonds in the new year ... they are also sitting on 800,000 ounces of gold, which they have started on the next phase of bringing it in to a working mine, it will be a year or two before this happens though (imo). The stock did trade as high as 34 cents, but has pulled back the last few days to 26 cents, which I think offers a good entry point. For silver I in FSR ... bought in @ $1.22 and currently trading @ $1.55 ... they are a producer and should be profitable at these silver prices. I understand they have also have started exploration work in other areas. On a pure spec play I am in CGN ... they have finished their drilling program and are looking at the samples now. Do you own DD and good luck, Gee.

By Larry

Posted: Monday Dec 8 5:14:02AM 2003

Hi Lizzy, Have a look at the Wheaton River Minerals Warrants. One warrant + $1.65 gives you one common share until May 30, 2007. Great leverage on a growing company. My wife bought at $0.55 last year and just sold half at $2.15. Good luck, Larry

By Jimbo

Posted: Sunday Dec 7 3:46:59PM 2003

HI lIZZY I was holding shares in Wheaton River, a gold stock that I bought and sold a couple of times a couple of times for a profit. Unfortunately I sold again a few weeks when the stock was around $3.28 The stock is now over $4.00 . Sold too soon Will keep watching Wheaton River and if it drops again significanly will consider buying again. The only other gold stock I have is Freegold Ventures and waiting for it to reach at least .67 - .70 and will sell for a nice profit. Anybody else holding Freegold Ventures? Thanks Jimbo Tried to sell a couple of times when it reached .65 to get some cash but was not successful and will have to keep watching and waiting

By wolfy2

Posted: Sunday Dec 7 7:20:07AM 2003

Lizzy: My good deed for the day to you...just passing through this website. Do your DD on the following... Searchgold resources Inc. symbol: RSG Etruscan resources EET Mountain Lake resources Moa These stocks are producing, not exploring, gold and diamonds. Only drawback is that most of the above production is in Africa. At the very least, the above companies will provide you with very interesting investigative reading. Good luck...Steve

By lizzy

Posted: Thursday Aug 7 3:28:15AM 2003

Hello, anyone following gold and gold stocks. Wondering if anyone has any gold stock recommendation or silver stock recommendations. I do own a few shares in Kinross and Gold Corp. Liz

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