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GreenStar Agricultural, GRE.v, $0.97

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By joshpacific

Posted: Tuesday Feb 2 10:01:01PM 2016

Today my account page with Interactive Brokers gave me a value of $0 for my shares of GRE.H. Haven't seen any news yet. Will probably be out soon. Thought it was 50/50 I'd get my money back.

By joshpacific

Posted: Thursday May 15 10:35:17AM 2014

Very small. 1000 shares. I use several strategies to trade/invest. One strategy is to accumulate a widely diversified basket of products that are extremely oversold.

By Dom

Posted: Sunday May 11 3:13:47PM 2014

How small is small Josh?

By joshpacific

Posted: Thursday May 8 12:39:56PM 2014

Decided 2 weeks ago that I would take a small position if another 52-week low was made. So I did this morning with a broad (1 to 104 week) sell horizon considering the risk was much lower here.

By joshpacific

Posted: Tuesday Apr 29 10:37:38AM 2014

Noticed that GRE made a fresh 52 week low yesterday on high volume. Technically bearish.

By Dom

Posted: Wednesday Apr 16 8:51:30PM 2014

Year end results should be out within the next week or so

Things are looking promising

By rodball

Posted: Tuesday Mar 4 5:13:02PM 2014

As expected, GRE announced a 50% dividend increase today - from 0.04/share annually to 0.06 / share.  See below.


GreenStar increases quarterly dividend to 1.5 cents

2014-03-04 09:15 ET - News


Mr. Robert Macdonald reports


GreenStar Agricultural Corp. is declaring a dividend of 1.5 cents per common
share with respect to the first quarter of 2014 which is a 50-per-cent increase
over the dividend rate paid by the company during 2013. The dividend record date
is March 31, 2014, and the dividend payment date is April 30, 2014. The dividend
will be payable in Canadian dollars or, at GreenStar's option, in Chinese
renminbi equivalent for shareholders resident in China based on the Bank of
Canada noon rate on the third business day prior to the payable date.

The dividend payable on April 30, 2014, will be the fifth consecutive
quarterly dividend paid by GreenStar and the first at the increased quarterly
rate of 1.5 cents per share (six cents annualized), which is a 50-per-cent
increase over the dividend rate paid by the company during 2013.

Dividend details

Dividend per common share: 1.5 cents  1.5 cents


Ex dividend date:  March 26, 2014


Record date:  March 31, 2014


Payable date:  April 30, 2014

By Dom

Posted: Tuesday Feb 18 7:31:58AM 2014

Am I ever glad I purchased some shares when GRE was stagnating around 0.85 a while back


Rodball, what is your prediction of the share price going forward?

By rodball

Posted: Saturday Feb 15 5:40:45AM 2014

Oh, it's also worth noting that these are GRE's highest margin products.  Take care.

By rodball

Posted: Saturday Feb 15 5:38:50AM 2014

This week, GreenStar reported year end shipment numbers for its products.  Shipments of fresh products showed significant year over year increases.  The stock has been advancing on the news, closing the week at $1.04 on increased volume over the week. This should bode well for year end financials.  Have a good weekend...long weekend.  Happy Family Day!


GreenStar ships 18,842 tonnes of oranges in 2013

2014-02-13 09:31 ET - News


Mr. Guan Linayun reports


GreenStar Agricultural Corp. made record shipments of its agricultural
products in 2013. A breakdown by tonnes, and on a per-unit basis of products
shipped in 2013 as compared with 2012 and 2011, is shown in the table.

                                       Measure      2013      2012      2011

Fresh mandarin oranges                  Tonnes    18,842    13,002    13,076
Fresh spring bamboo shoots              Tonnes    15,780     8,136     8,388
Mature bamboo trees                      Units   957,809   480,000   536,000


The volume of canned products shipped in 2013 also increased by 3.2 per cent
from 31,041 tonnes in 2012 to 32,060 tonnes in 2013.

Commenting on the record volume of agricultural product shipments, Guan
Linayun, GreenStar's co-chairman and chief executive officer, stated: "We are
pleased with the significantly increased volumes of agricultural products
shipped last year as a result of our lease of 576 additional acres of
mandarin-orange- and bamboo-producing lands at the beginning of 2013.
Historically, agricultural products have provided the highest gross margins
across our product lines."

By rodball

Posted: Monday Dec 30 6:39:42AM 2013


I hold a position, and honestly don't know what to think.  With the dividend to increase to 0.06 / share, I'm prepared to hold the stock for a couple quarters and see how the new acquisition and proposed foray into North America develop and influence financials.


As for Donville's comments/actions, he made it clear that his actions weren't the result of company specifics, but the whole "Chinese stock syndrome".  He mentioned the demise of a couple other Chinese stocks that led to them selling GRE.  Anyway, like I said, I've got a small position (some "play money") that I'm willing to hold onto and see how things develop.  In the meantime, I'll continue to accumulate the dividends.

By Dom

Posted: Friday Dec 27 8:00:40PM 2013



By Dom

Posted: Sunday Dec 8 6:37:54PM 2013

Its interesting that Jason Donville would eject the company from his fund after all the support and praise he gave them.

I am interested in this stock, although, the concerns are valid as chinese financials can be "fishy"

but I guess only time will tell, through earnings and growth

Anyone else have any other info about that company, I thinking about initiating a small position after the 4th quater results

depending on what they are.


By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Nov 25 11:16:16AM 2013

I asked the rep at the Small Cap Conference my questions about the high margins and why they would borrow money at high rates with that much cash.

He said that the high margins were for exporting their canned fruits to overseas markets and could not be duplicated domestically.  He mentioned that they are looking at expanding to North America and may purchase an existing company.  

As far as the debt, he said that he agreed it wasn't prudent to borrow with so much cash.  The mgmt said that there were political reasons for borrowing from the cooperative.  Something about longer term benefits.  

I wasn't totally satisfied with the answers but time will tell.  


By rodball

Posted: Monday Nov 11 8:48:04AM 2013

I've heard Jason Donville comment on GRE a couple times on MarketCall.

He's met management and visited operations, of which he said he had no concerns.  He did say that it was "one of the cheapest stocks in Canada". He also said that it suffers, like most in this space, of the Chinese stock syndrome, and that the issue for him is the legitimacy of financials of Chinese just never know...


I do own GRE.  The dividend I received on Hallowe'en is real and is in my account. 


By joshpacific

Posted: Friday Nov 8 2:46:05AM 2013

I've received a reply from Jordan Zinberg of Donville Kent Asset Management:

We agreed with your friend’s assessment of the financials, which is what caused us to buy the stock however we also agree with his concerns, which ultimately resulted in us selling our shares.  We no longer hold GRE in our fund.

By joshpacific

Posted: Wednesday Nov 6 10:16:15AM 2013

I'll send a note to Jason Donville with your concerns to see what he says.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Nov 6 10:08:21AM 2013

I took a look at the financials.  Very cheap, market cap is same as cash on hand!  p/e ratio is cheap, even for China stocks.  They say they've been in business for around 20 years.  The dividend is around 4% but they have announced that they plan to raise it to .06/yr in 2014.  Recent acquisition should boost growth.

I do have concerns.  Like all China plays, the issue is credibility.  I haven't talked to the company but intend to ask a couple of questions at the forum.  The profit margins are very high for a canned food producer.  They don't claim any revolutionary process so how do they make 25% net profits from providing commodity food products??

Also they say they have $14million in cash.  If you had that much cash, would you renew a loan for 500K? at 13% that was for "working capital"?  

So there are some "too good to be true" aspects to GRE.  Looking forward to talking to their reps at the forum.


By joshpacific

Posted: Monday Nov 4 6:00:16PM 2013

It's been a while since I last posted here. Greetings all! Fundamental analysis of small caps is not my specialty. Given that, here's some info. P/E = 2.6. Earnings = 0.37. Yield = 4.1. Dividend = 0.04. Director Michael Newman has been acquiring shares through October. Jason Donville is named on the company's site as a significant shareholder. QIS listed GRE as an acquired stock in QIS' virtual portfolio as late as Sep 20 2013. I began a small position at 0.93 today. I welcome input by others better versed in fundamental analyis. Thanks.

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