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Guardian Exploration

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By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Oct 6 2:02:21PM 2008

Thanks for pointing that out. Sept presentation looks odd and have put in a call to the IR guy. He said he will check with the company and get back to me. Will post what he says. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Aug 27 12:58:36PM 2008

Q2 results are out. GX.v produced an avg of 237boepd in Q2. Had cashflow of .03/share Based on updated company presentation from 8/08, they are now producing 650boepd. I am figuring 600boepd for Q3 and cashflow of .07. That puts Guardian at less than 1 X forward annualized cashflow. Cheap, cheap, cheap! They are hoping to exit 2008 at 1000boepd by further drilling at Girouxville or Montana. Currently weighing whether the signficant wells at Girouxville are worth the 80% expense to get 50-55% WI. Wells in Montana would be less productive but cheaper and with much lower royalty rates. Still waiting for clear title in Montana before making decision. Also reviewing latest seismics from Breaker on the next Girouxville well. They have 11 more decisions to make at Girouxville so even if they pass on this one, they can opt in on future wells. Bobwins

By suntor

Posted: Wednesday Aug 13 12:47:36PM 2008

Octagon and BMO dumped a lot of shares today. I picked up some at $0.23 and $0.225. Hope there is no bad news.

By miningman

Posted: Tuesday Jun 24 9:35:58PM 2008

Look at the debt and the management team.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Jun 24 3:04:39PM 2008

GX.v still hanging around the same price. They have spud their latest well with Breaker Energy in Girouxville. Just closed a PP to fund it. Getting paid for Kotcho production so cash situation should be much improved. Their agreement with Breaker covers 12 well sites but they have only agreed to do this one. They will review after this one to see about future participation. No word on the GPP approval on the two oil wells that they hit early 08. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday May 6 6:21:27AM 2008

new presentation for Guardian Exploration, GX.v/ C$.35 Looks like they have lots of potential acreage to drill. Their prime candidate to increase production is the Girouxville oil wells. There are two on production at reduced rates totaling 300bpd. Waiting for GPP approval to increase rates. GX has 50-55%WI. 12 more locations. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 2 10:52:33AM 2008

+.03 to C$.33 been adding to Guardian whenever I have free cash. Added more this week and today at .32. My avg is closer to .29 but in a few months, this is going to look very cheap. Should move from 20boepd to 400boepd in Q2 08. 600boepd is possible in Q3 depending on GPP approvals and well hookups. 400boepd should generate cashflow of .03 and 600 should do close to .06. These are very rough estimates because we have no financials with these kind of volumes but the production of 400boepd for Q2 is virtually assured by the PR that announced Kotcho field was back online at 332boepd. First Girouxville oil well has been online at reduced rate of 125bpd(GX has 50%WI) since 1/08 so 400boepd for Q2 should be in the bag. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Apr 23 9:37:13AM 2008

GX.v I forgot to include that they are attempting a financing currently at .30 and .35 for flowthru. Aiming for a total of 3 million so would add over 9 million shares if successful. No warrants attached. They also closed a financing in February for 3.4million shares at .32 with .35 warrants attached. Based on these two financings, I used 41million shares for my calculations for Q2, 27million for Q1 and 21 million for Q4 07. Bobwins

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