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How are your stocks doing?

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By Gee

Posted: Wednesday Oct 22 6:05:15PM 2003

I am new to this site, but what attracted me is many of the stocks I have held, holding and want to hold are suggested here. Also it is nice to find a place where you can mention the word penny stock and not be ridiculed for making such a suggestion. I am up about 35%, so far this year. High returns (60%+) with ITI and AEI sold both at the right time. Good returns (20%+) with ELF, SI, PBP and MXG all of witch I sold too soon (but as long as I am making money I am happy). Did ok (5% to 15%) with ANC, CMH, DFI, ER, DML, TWG, ER, DFI and FCT sold some at the right time, others could have waited. Losses occurred on PEX, MWA, EUG and NLC. Currently holding CRL (up), AEO (even), AEI (even), HF (way up), NEI (up), OLT (down), RSG (even) and CXP (way down). I have bids in on TOL, WBE, EOP would also like to put in bids for HTI, PC, GMC and AGO. Gee.

By hellmanc

Posted: Thursday Oct 16 10:17:38AM 2003

I am holding RGY, MDD.u and CCB right now. Over the last month, RGY and CCB have fallen back a bit, but RGY seems to be recovering now. MDD.U has been doing well, but pulled back a bit after the quarterly results came out. Ive noticed QIS has been buying more of these stocks at the better prices. I am definitely going to hold on to them and wait for the move! Good luck to all! Cheers, Clay

By bmac

Posted: Tuesday Oct 14 11:11:16AM 2003

-thank you, Doreen for a really great site! -doing well on bvo, mag, but especially on hp and wbe -still fighting the thought of selling eam and itt -any ideas greatly appreciated

By brian

Posted: Sunday Oct 12 6:56:53PM 2003

WBE(BLSH-QIS)+61%, RUT (BLSH) +119% EXC (BLSH)+330% SRT +4% LMG(QIS)+46%, overall +58% not bad for 8 months. Brian

By JungleCat

Posted: Sunday Oct 12 1:25:43PM 2003

ETG & YSP Are doing very well. Looks like it will for a while more

By Larry

Posted: Saturday Oct 4 1:19:02PM 2003

Thanks to QIS and Canstock, our end Sep stats show this is turning out to be a very good year for our portfolio. Since we do most of our trading in a margin acct, we use Income/Royalty Trusts such as AVN,DHF,HR and REI to cover the interest cost and provide a base to build the margin on. The portfolio is up over 45% to date with profits taken in CMT (26%), COG (20%), DEF (57%), DRQ (18%), ENE (23%), FCP (21%), GBI (18%), HP (20%), LXX (10%), PWR (39%) and WLL.UN (47%). Present holdings in addition to the trusts listed above include: BIS.a, CCB, CUX, CZE, HRG, MDD.u, PIL (ouch), RGY, ROG, SNG, TKE, WBE, and WRM.wt. Thanks Doren for providing super investment ideas and a very useful website. Wishing all continued success.


Posted: Thursday Oct 2 7:29:09AM 2003


By gadget

Posted: Wednesday Sep 17 10:41:00PM 2003

My winners at the moment are NT(1000@4.02) , BBD.B(500@4.85) , NS(1000@3.75) , WRM(500@2.25). I hope future winners are CTG(1000@.48 testing Canstock), DSK(5000@.03) NHC(400@3.40), RBM(500@.75), RGY(1000@1.55 testing DQ) YVY(5000@.02). Thanks DQ for your interest,I am a great fan of QIS and really like your website. Maybe you will make me some money too.

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