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HYD Starting to move.

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By digger

Posted: Thursday Aug 11 7:41:08PM 2005

Can we change the strand to HYD Moving! Up to new high of $2.45 today!

By rodball

Posted: Monday Aug 8 8:03:30AM 2005

I agree, Gee! Picked up some last week at $1.80, and there should be much further upside yet!

By Gee

Posted: Monday Aug 8 7:37:01AM 2005

HYD has made another move trading above $2 ... it hit a high of $2.25, which is still undervalued based on trailing 12 month earnings.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Tuesday Jul 26 10:32:02AM 2005

PF is a very well-managed and consistantly profitable little company. I expect the shares to go up in price.

By Gee

Posted: Thursday Jul 28 9:58:55AM 2005

Excellent Q4 numbers. HYD earned .085 cents in Q4 and .22 cents for fiscal 2005. These numbers are better than LEE and LEE is trading over $3.50. HYD hitting new highs @ $1.90, but still lots of upside based on these numbers when compared to other oil/gas service stocks or trusts. They ended the year with a back log of work worth over $11 million, so q1 is looking good.

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 26 1:50:24PM 2005

Excellent day for HYD closing up @ $1.58 and hitting a new 52 week high of $1.64. Gee.

By Marvin

Posted: Tuesday Jul 26 8:52:55AM 2005

I agree with your picks Gee. My three picks are PF-Petrofield, Leader- Lee and Hyduke-Hyd. Of the three, I think Pf has the most poential for gain as the others have went up abit but I think all 3 should do very well of next 6 months.

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 26 6:44:14AM 2005

With eps of .13 cents already in the bag for the first 9 months HYD is starting to perk up. Trading at $1.46 today, up from $1.28 just last week. One only has to look at recent run ups buy other oil/gas service stocks (LEE,CET.UN,GLK,EES and DVT) to get a sense of the upside potential of HYD.

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