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ILI selling of f on 10,000-15,000 shares at a time the last couple of days

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By vanilla

Posted: Sunday Nov 14 7:04:10PM 2004

Share prices do fluctuate for many reasons. My own approach is two fold: 1. Look for companies with strong fundamentals i.e no/low debt load, growing revenues, growing earnings per share, meaningfull products or service and top notch management. 2. Technical analysis of chart patterns to identify reasonable areas of entry (base building/support). Patience with the market place is also a virtue that one develops over time. The pullback in price (such as ILI is currently experiencing) can become an opportunity to acquire shares at a very good price rather than something to worry about. Once in a position, technical analysis can also be used to protect profit in that position. There is no need to ever "marry a stock" as the divorce can be costly. Instead I would rather trade in and out as opportunity presents itself.

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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