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Ili Tech-A Screaming Buy?

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By dundee

Posted: Monday Nov 7 3:28:37PM 2005

I wish I had "filled my plate" at $0.17. I only got a small position down there. Looks like we are starting to run into some of the resistance...

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Friday Nov 4 2:39:32PM 2005

lol........I like that.....spare 20 shares for a warm meal?

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Friday Nov 4 7:43:39AM 2005

Hooray!!!! Now I can sell the shares I bought at 81 cents.......

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Nov 3 3:19:51PM 2005

$0.38 today...

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Wednesday Oct 5 3:20:56PM 2005

Looks like Ili is ready to make a move. Nice to see the increased share volume.

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Oct 6 11:40:56AM 2005

lol.... Intersting little cross today at Cannaccord at $0.26. Only 60,000 shares so one certainly cannot read too much into it, but it could be a bit of an indicator that we may see a little more interest to knock the stock out of its current malais. The bid support also seem to be improving slighly. A move above $0.30 with significant volume would be technically significant. I would expect some resistance at $0.35 and very heavy resistance at $0.45.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Wednesday Oct 5 9:29:24AM 2005

lol....ILI has lost a lot of people a lot of money, but I will agree the risk is somewhat minimal at these prices considering the potential return.

By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 4:19:41PM 2005

Hi Oilcam, There were some indepth discussions in this forum a little while back on ILI. You might want to do a search for "ILI" and read some of the old posts as there were lots of opinions offered. I concur that the risk/reward proposition at this price level is pretty attractive, however, it remains to be seen if they can close some of these larger "company-maker" deals.

By Oilcam

Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 7:18:01PM 2005

Thanks for the opinions. I think I will grab the 12500 shares available at 28 cents if they are still on the market. Lol, It it would be nice if someone put some for sale at 24 cents,


Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 2:32:40PM 2005

I do not agree on the 'screaming buy'. Long term: downtrend, although it is sitting on its support right now. Insufficient volume to hint a run in the near term. Lower indics a bit high, thus breaking of the support is in the cards. Beware. This is essentially technical: fondas may conclude otherwise.

By Oilcam

Posted: Tuesday Oct 4 12:21:43PM 2005

Just did some DD on Ili today and it looks to me like a screaming buy at these prices Any one care to comment. Also what what be a good entry point?

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