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industrialex - biggest percentage gainer on TSX-V

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By knobizumi

Posted: Wednesday Jun 28 11:36:24AM 2006

Strange, somebody using Penson bought 98,000 shares on Monday basically at market driving the price up 142 percent, then Tuesday basically dumped the same 98,000 basically at market moving the share price back to where it was originally (and even lower for part of the day). Sad when you can manipulate an illiquid stock like that with less than ten grand, and basically end up losing very little. Strange thing to do, either way you look at it. Games will be played.............

By knobizumi

Posted: Tuesday Jun 27 1:45:31PM 2006

back to 6

By Prospector

Posted: Tuesday Jun 27 10:46:57AM 2006

I really think this one is on its last legs. The June 16 news release about a line of credit being signed for by certain individuals, rather than the company, is a telling sign.

By knobizumi

Posted: Monday Jun 26 11:35:19PM 2006

And by saying liquidity is good, I meant it is a good thing. The liquidity of IXC.u as of late has been that of a big piece of poo.

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