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International Sovereign Energy Corp. t.ISR

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By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Jan 5 2:34:18PM 2009

Dry hole on 2nd prospect in Pakistan. First one tested at 224boepd net to Still being tied in. Bobwins Calgary, AB January 05, 2009 FSC / Press Release Operations Update This News Release is not for Dissemination in the United States or to U.S. Persons Calgary, Alberta CANADA, January 05, 2009 /FSC/ - International Sovereign Energy Corp. (TSX: ISR), reports that the second well within the Sukkur Block area, Bodla Bahar-1, was drilled for a Sui Main Limestone test, evaluated and subsequently abandoned. This exploratory well encountered gas but insufficient at this time to be commercially viable. In Canada, the Company is planning for two additional wells to be drilled and completed during the first quarter of 2009. For further information, please contact: Eugene N. HretzayPresident & CEO T: [403] 263 - 2472 F: [403] 264 - 7035 E:

By goldstein

Posted: Friday Jun 6 4:35:31PM 2008

thanks for the advice. I just purchased some today and will go along with your advice. I did some research and the Pakistan project looks intriguing. It seems that the sui formation is the main one and ISR is in the same area. Further research (via talking to a broker) gave me some information on Khan. Is this not the same Khan that was CEO of Arakis and State Petroleum which developed the Sudan oil fields. If it is then the broker tells me that he bought at the 4 buck level and sold in the upper 30s on Nasdaq when the Company was sold to Jim Buckee of Talisman Energy around a Billion mark. That leads me to conclude that their strength lies more on the international project side and it is the international projects which will eventually drive the stock price one way or the other! I think that the upside rests solely with Khan due to his experience of dealing with risk and the Canadian projects may be a cash cow but the investors get bored with daily income alone and want risk to drive the stock too. Then again I am not an expert.

By goldstein

Posted: Wednesday Jun 4 4:13:49PM 2008

I have just joined the forum and was looking to pick up the stock but got apprenhensive after reading some of the opinions. Obviously you have done the maths and I too was approached by Raven 8 years ago.I think other copmpany is probably a fantastic buy opportunity! I agree with all the other sites and posts as well as you and have decided to reposte my confidence into the management. They have followed up the announcements with solid action which i like in companies. As a small investor I like oil companies because the fundamentals of the mid sized companies have the most positive upside gains with minimum downside risks given the right geologists. I will buy at 1.70 and see what news comes out of Pakistan.

By analyst8

Posted: Friday May 30 9:26:22AM 2008

Thanks for the heads up on this one Bob. I sold off my holdings this morning. But if it dips back down again .. I would pick it back up again.

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 30 6:54:53AM 2008

Nice reaction... +.40 to C$1.80 Depends on how long it takes them to arrange a sale. Could take 6 months but I am guessing you get a 100% dividend plus you get to keep the stock with similar production and further upside. ISR should be a nice keeper. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 29 9:31:00AM 2008 continues to move up +.15 to C$1.40 on 34K traded. Cashflow of .14 last qtr should continue to improve as the company hooks up two wells after spring breakup. The two wells in Pakistan should provide upside in the next two months as those results are reported. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday May 21 2:19:00PM 2008

I bought more today at 1.25 to add to my previous shares that were around C$.80. Should be over 1000boepd when they tie in the last two successful ngas wells. They have excellent growth in Canada, excellent reserve life of over 10 years and two high impact opportunities in Pakistan and Ecuador. The share count is very low here, indicating that mgmt is against dilution. They will have to finance their overseas activities this year so expect share issuance but company remains a big bargain. Cashflow of .14 last qtr puts around 2 X cashflow. Bobwins

By qwqw

Posted: Wednesday May 14 6:18:39PM 2008

International Sovereign released their Q1 #s today Production was 816 boepd Cash flow was $1.9 mil or 14 cents/sh Their Q1 annualized P/CF ratio is only 1.75 and EV/CF is only 2.2

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Apr 8 11:03:12PM 2008

I goofed. They posted their annual statement in late March. They did 750boepd for Q4 with c/f of .05. They got lousy prices($33/boe) in Q4 and I expect that to rebound a bit in Q1 and Q2. After looking at Q4, I expect .07cashflow for Q1 on 775boepd avg and .09cashflow for Q2 on 850boepd at $47/boe. If they hit in Pakistan, they are hoping for 250boepd net per well. Even if they whiff in Pakistan, they have about 200boepd to hook up from already drilled ngas wells that they recently announced. So they could exit Q2 over 1000boepd. Bobwins

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