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By Jimbo

Posted: Monday Oct 20 8:18:46AM 2003

Hi Brian I am in the same position concerning Lifebank. I also noticed the sale of LBK by QIS at. 28 cents and as they will discontinue full coverage of the stock, it leave some doubt as an investment opportunity in the future for the company. I bought at .31 cents in September and the next decison is to sell now and take a loss and move on and re-invest in another stock with more profit possibilities. I will watch the stock for to-day and will probably sell, take my loss and move on. Once I sell,the stock will likely go up??????????? Thanks Jimbo

By Briany1246

Posted: Friday Oct 17 10:39:04AM 2003

I notice you dropped some of your Lifebank. Why? Do I worry now because if you are going to get out, my holdings will be worthless before too long. When a supporter like your self starts selling, how far behind can the bears be??? Brian

By PAndreola

Posted: Monday Sep 15 7:57:57PM 2003

I have had a very good year so far. I have had two stocks triple two have doubled and one that we purchased a month ago is up 20%. Outside of the junior exploration stocks, which have all seemed to have jumped, it has been a real stock pickers market. My biggest mistake in the past has been to sell good stocks too soon. When I buy into a stock I am not interested in just getting a 10% - 20% return. I am looking for 300%+. The microcap growth stock arena is the best place to find these companies and you can do it with out taking on a large degree of risk. Buy a good company that is growing. Buy it cheap and sell it when it is either fundamentaly fully valued or when the company stops growing. I find most of the time it is better to use PE ratios to determine buy and sell points than it is to use actual dollar figures. I have many clients that ask me for target prices for a stock. I typically do not use target prices I use target PE ratios. Anyways, I hope this helps a little.

By Jimbo

Posted: Monday Sep 15 4:32:41PM 2003

Hi Clay Thanks for the tip,appreciated. I am going to change my order to .28 and see what happens when the market opens to-morrow morning. I agree I seldom place an order at the Ask price if the spread is too great. I know if the order is accepted at .28 it probably will drop back to .27 or lower and this is what makes it interesting If the share price goes up,the next plan I am going to adopt is to set a Sell price of a certain per cent,after In and Out Fees have been paid,say 8 - 10 or 15% and if the price hits that per centage,place a sell order,take the profit and move on.May buy the same stock back again later. I often get greedy and hold and hold and hold and not sell until it is too late and there goes my profit. Nice to hear from you Jimbo

By hellmanc

Posted: Monday Sep 15 12:51:34PM 2003

Hi Jimbo, Quite often it is hard to buy a stock at the bidding price, especially if the bid size is large at the time you place your order. I have had orders in for days at the bidding price without getting a fill. You have a much better chance to get a fill if you place an order one cent above the bidding price. So, if the bid was 0.27 and the bid size is large, try placing a bid (buy limit order) at 0.28. You will be the first in line for the next guy that sells his stock with a Market order. If the spread is big (0.27 - 0.35 is a large spread), it is well worth it to be patient and wait for a fill at one cent above the bidding price, instead of just buying at the asking price. Good Luck, Clay.

By Jimbo

Posted: Monday Sep 15 11:34:36AM 2003

Hi I would look at my investments this year to date as being just fair.Whatever profits I have made they have been offset with equal losses which will help as write off for the tax year. In most cases I invested in stocks that were recommended by QIS or Canstock and some recommended stocks were winners and some losers. My problem is not knowing which ones are the winners and which stocks to stay away from even though they are recommended. I have a lot to learn about when to buy and when to sell, I seem to buy at the wrong time,and sell at the wrong time, either sell too soon or hold too long. IE: I sold Wheaton River too soon,I sold 35000 shares of WBE too soon,same for VRW - QU - and BVO and now am watching to buy back. I like the Stock Summary that QIS provides and recently am using this as a guide,like to-day trying to buy LifeBank at .27 cents with no success and decide if should change to asking price of .35 or just wait and watch the stock? Why did QIS buy to-day at .27 cents??? I have to stay awaqy from highly speculative penny stocks which accounts for 50% of my losses to date. Sooner or later I will get it. Jimbo

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