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IP Applications Corp.

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Posted: Thursday Nov 27 11:53:41AM 2008

CEO John Jacobson just bought another 100,000 shares on the open market. He also took part in the last financing at $0.20. Time to buy people.


Posted: Wednesday Nov 26 7:15:06AM 2008

IP Applications largest shareholder just bought another 300,000 shares this past week. This company Pender have funded IP Apps. for 5 years now starting at $1.00 per share. This is an excellent sign and buying opportunity for anyone interested in small cap. tech. companies. The SAAS market is very exciting at the moment. 2009 could be their year.


Posted: Friday Oct 31 1:05:38PM 2008

check out companies new website...very impressive! Great investment opportunity at current price. This company will eventually be bought out by a larger player. 2009 will be better than 2008...this is for sure.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Aug 26 9:21:45AM 2008

Another takeover in the technology/network sector at a very attractive multiple. Q9 Networks (Q:TSX) was recently taken over at approximately 5.5 times most recent quarterly revenue. Q9 Networks is a lot larger than IPX or RCN or SER but the price / sales ratio remains a key indicator that should be considered for possible takeover companies.


Posted: Thursday Jul 17 9:23:48AM 2008

IP Apps. CEO talked about valuation and future market cap. relative to others on SAAS market. $170 million cap...or $4.00 per share. Current share price is $0.20. Unless this company goes bankrupt this is a great buying opportunity. Cheers,


Posted: Wednesday Jun 18 2:51:43AM 2008

NPA.V based on most recent quarterly financials ending Feb. 2008 is trading at 2 X revenues. IPX at same valuation is $0.50 per share. It has been posted here before that some SAAS providers are being aquired for as much as 13 X revenues. Current price is $0.18. Again, have a look at VQS.V. This is what can happen to a tightly held tech. stock on venture exchange. It is up 1000% in a few months. IPX will be worth much more in 12 months.


Posted: Tuesday Jun 17 12:45:57PM 2008

insiders in IPX have purchased shares at $1.00, $0.45, $0.33, and most recent $0.14. So if you average it out they do noy make money until the $0.50 - $0.60 range. Current ask is $0.25 This would make IPX a more attractive stock to own moving forward. I am in IPX also. Cheers,


Posted: Tuesday May 13 8:49:07AM 2008

current price $0.24. Look at VQS on venture exchange. This is what can happen to a small cap tech. stock that is tightly held by a few individuals. $0.06 - $0.60 in 5 months. IPX share price will look alot different by end of year. Doren, what do you think?? Cheers,


Posted: Wednesday Apr 23 6:14:22PM 2008

Are we the only shareholders in IPX on this board?? Anyone watching this company waiting to get in?


Posted: Sunday Apr 20 1:02:23PM 2008

Thanks Doren, IPX stock has huge upside potential based on the market it is in and how much of the stock is held. Currently $0.20 Ask $0.245 12 month target of $0.60 - $1.00 My opinion of course. Now we need an analyst to come out with this price target.


Posted: Friday Apr 18 9:34:09AM 2008

This stock is definately on an up trend. Volume has picked up and most of the buying has been at the ask over last while. Very ill liquid stock which means one day...bang we gap up much higher. Look at the depth...very little available. Go IPX Go!!


Posted: Monday Apr 14 1:04:15PM 2008

at $0.20 now on high volume. Calm before the storm. Have a look for those not in this stock. Cheers,


Posted: Sunday Apr 6 5:39:24AM 2008

bid $0.185 ask $0.195...very little up to $0.50 QIS started coverage at $0.15 Should see a steady rise from here on in. Long way to go if you read previous posts. Good luck


Posted: Wednesday Mar 19 9:38:33AM 2008

Doren, what are your thoughts on this company?? With all that is happening is Saas market, and with most of the shares held at much higher prices this seems to be a great entry point. Cheers,


Posted: Tuesday Mar 11 5:16:29PM 2008

The Saas (Software as a Service) market is really gaining momentum. IP Apps. is in a great position here. Muliples of 13 X revenue for take overs in this article from Feb. 2008. IPX at this multiple based on $8 million revenue is $3.35 per share. Will they get this...probably not...but 5-6 times probably. Either way IPX shares at $0.16 are very undervalued.


Posted: Wednesday Mar 5 3:02:48PM 2008

I wish I was an insider. Just a private investor looking to make some money back after crash of 1999 - 2000. I think this year will be good for small caps as large caps are not generating the types of returns people want. Let me know if you buy IPX. Glad to be hear. I have heard nothing but good things about Doren.


Posted: Wednesday Mar 5 2:16:48PM 2008

Tara, I will leave many of your questions to Doren. Here is why I like the stock. $0.15 price Trading at 0.7 times revenue Comparable companies at 3-4 times EBIDTA break even 2007 80% of the outstanding shares held tight at prices ranging up to $1.00 per share VC company funding them has taken part in every financing over last 4 years...starting at $1.00 per share all the way down to $0.15 in November Great upside potential!!

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