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Iplayco IPC-tsxv, earnings up 500%! undervalued

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By stockking69

Posted: Thursday Aug 24 6:38:56AM 2017


By stockking69

Posted: Wednesday Aug 23 6:49:34AM 2017

Another solid quarter! 2 Cents EPS!! On track to do close to 10 Cents EPS! Trading at 5/6 times earnings, so CHEAP!!!

Also the company has 25 cents per share in cash, X cash trading at 3 times earnings.

Tangible book value of 65 cents.

Do your homework, great buy, target $1/$1.25

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday May 29 9:47:58AM 2017

IPC.v  C$.64   posted Q2 results.  Broke even with profits of C$58K on 3.6million in sales.  6 month numbers are ~C$11million and C$1million in profits or .05 eps.  CEO said Q2 lower revs were expected due to scheduling and he expects 2nd half numbers to match 1st half.  So maybe C$20million in sales and C$2 million in profits or .10eps.  So if they actually do increase sales in Q3 and Q4 to around $5million and gross margins continue to be elevated around 50%, they could be selling for around 6X fwd eps.

Given the huge swings in gross revs and gross profit margins, I will probably watch this one and see if the sales and profits come back to Q1 17 levels.  I would expect that many who bought after Q1 are disappointed and could continue selling until Q3 results.  

By stockking69

Posted: Thursday Feb 23 7:09:10AM 2017

Hey guys check out the earnings report from Iplayco ipc-tsxv yesterday 

Company posted revenue growth of 100%. Margins doubled. And earnings up 500%

Currently trading at 67 cents they wanted 0.05 cents in Q1. Management has told me that margins will stay high all year round. 

This company can easily hit 13-15 eps this year

Best part is healthy balance sheet no debt, and cash per share of 25 cents! 

Stock use to trade at $1.50+

Should easily hit $1.00 once market wakes up to this gem 

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