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Jemtec Corp

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By elephant

Posted: Friday Oct 10 9:00:55AM 2014

Yes,I am building a nice position into tsv(Cerf Corp)

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Oct 8 11:33:53PM 2014

Broke?  Hardly. I took my money and invested elsewhere (DAP.U for instance).

If Jemtec management had not been asleep at the wheel in my opinion, they would have paid a special dividend 5 years ago or used it to grow the business (acquisition or otherwise)!  There was no doubt that there was excess cash value in the company but instead of passing it on to shareholders so they could re-deploy it in something that would actually make money, they held on to your money for years where it sat doing nothing but earning a couple percent in annual interest. Over that time, they have also failed to complete a single acquisition despite having repeatedly told shareholders that they are actively looking at opportunities (and spending money to evaluate them).

In 5 or so years (maybe longer), your post-special dividend cost is a little under $0.20 and the bid is now just over $0.20... that equates to a gain generously estimated at perhaps around 20% in 5 years....  I'd hardly call that very exciting....certainly not what I got into the small-cap markets for.  It was essentially dead money as I predicted.  Despite the potential profit (depending on your true cost), there was far more money to be made elsewhere.

Based on the liquidity of this stock over the past several years, you can at least be thankful of having an event occur that made it possible to actually get a good portion of your investment back out of this liquidity nightmare so you can get it working for you.  Other than beer, have you got any stocks that interest you to re-invest this capital?

In any event, thanks for the offer of the beer and best of luck going forward.  Hopefully, they will finally get some sort of acqusition into this boring shell or get some new contracts and start making some money again.  The only people really making money in the past 5 years have been management with their fat pay cheques - been nothing left to build shareholder value.


By elephant

Posted: Wednesday Oct 1 8:35:05PM 2014

to all my fan,


Open bar is set for tomorrow.(20:00 to 3:00)

I will pay the beer to everybody who show his face to me

adress:Midway Bar

           1207 St Lawrence Boulevard  

I will have a blue jacket with a white hat.

Dont worry I can pay the beer....I will get a special dividend tomorrow...more than $50 000

as you know I am a very large shareholder


to Dundee....If you are broke...come and enjoy the free beer

By elephant

Posted: Saturday Sep 20 7:20:47PM 2014

The BIG PAY DAY is coming fast.


OCTOBER 2,2014=$$$ in my account...a lot $$$$

I still hold my shares and at a very low cost...minus $0.59=under $0.20

to all my fan:October 2,  I will pay the beers to everybody!



By elephant

Posted: Thursday Sep 11 10:05:45PM 2014

a one time special dividend $0.59 per shares and the last trade is $0.58 per share before the announcement....

Dundee...I have enough money  Do you want a free beer or a large coffee???


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