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KHA earnings

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By dundee

Posted: Thursday Jun 30 12:15:01PM 2005

good news ? what?

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Jun 30 10:33:12AM 2005

Sounds like good news to me.

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Jun 23 1:30:53PM 2005

Well, according to their financials as at January 31, 2005, the company had $5.2 million in liabilities and only $4.2 million in assets. At that time they had only $109K in cash. A subsequent financing would have helped, but they have payments on their long-term debt to make....

By bobone

Posted: Tuesday Jun 21 8:31:26PM 2005

I believe it is just cost cutting and if I am the management company I would be more than happy to have my contract terminated. It is interesting the number on the bid side. Some one still thinks it is worth investing in.

By mel

Posted: Tuesday Jun 21 6:52:19PM 2005

Any thoughts on the management change announced this evening?

By dundee

Posted: Monday Jun 20 10:55:35PM 2005

My personal opinion in situations like this is to take whatever you can get and run, even if it pennies on the dollar. Very few stocks make a comeback from a situation like this. It is real shame they lost their major contract and this has ensued. I had considered it several times as an investment opportunity but never purchased it. I guess the economic dependence issue alwyas nagged at me, as did the debt (although a relatively high level of debt is to be expected in such a capital intensive business). Had they had a more diverse customer base, I guess that I could have handled the debt, but the 2 together made me shy away. It sure looked tempting though!

By bobone

Posted: Monday Jun 20 8:35:47PM 2005

I got this from stockhouse bullboard All the pilots are looking for or have found new work. The falcons are sitting in calgary, 2 have 1 engine each and the other is able to fly... Not sure about the managment though. The director of flight ops might still be employed. The Dir of Mtce might also still be employed while trying to sell the aircraft assets.. I am thinking they will not be flying again for KHA. There is also speculation that the company maybe delisted. It is not sounding good.

By bobone

Posted: Thursday Jun 16 9:03:47AM 2005

Does any one have any thoughts or heard any news on KHA? Is there any life left in the company?

By petedran

Posted: Tuesday Mar 22 9:43:40PM 2005

A couple reasons why investors may not be excited. 1. The balance sheet is not great. Liabilities exceed assets by 1.1 million 2. The company is planning on issuing a significant amount of shares which will dilute future earnings. There are 7.7 million shares currently outstanding and the company intends to issue up to 6 million shares with up to 6 million additional shares through the exercise of warrants. If the earnings of 20 cents are duplicated for next year the dilution could result in earnings of about 7-8 cents.

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