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LM.v Lingo Media C$.375

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By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 20 11:08:03AM 2016

Lingo Media sent out an email with some additional info on their partnership with Cengage Learning.  This is a 1.7 billion rev per year company that will cobrand the ELL product as Gale Lingo and sell to libraries, universities and private schools.  The product will be available in Q2.  This sounds very promising for later this year and going forward.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 19 10:45:09AM 2016

LM.v  -.05 to C$.75  Lingo has been getting hammered.  They need a decent Q1 to stop the selling.  God forbid if Q1 is weaker than year ago stats.  Lingo has a great run in 2015 and so lots of holders have profits.  Q4 should have been better because that's when they get their semiannual royalty from Chinese printed book sales.  Last year Q2 popped to .04eps because of the royalty.  Q4 should have been in that range too but online sales dropped off in Q4 so they made .027.  

Even though a .02eps qtr would certainly justify the current valuation, it would signal a possible downturn in profitability and the market was expecting continued growth every qtr.  Might be unrealistic but that's how risk averse people are nowadays.  

Still holding for the longer term.  Still a huge market with lots of room to grow.  


By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 13 6:46:18AM 2016

LM.v/LMDCF  +.02 to C$.87   Hired someone to run North American sales.  Might be hard to crack this market but this person seems qualified.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 5 11:49:57AM 2016

Talked with Lingo Media officer at Small Cap Conference.  I asked why Q4 online sales were low.  He said he never gives quarterly guidance because their sales can be lumpy.  COO gave presentation and I liked what I heard about their approach and future benefits from their last two partnerships.  I bought a few more shares at .80 yesterday, as the selloff seems overdone.  


By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Apr 29 7:37:22AM 2016

LM.v  -.15 to C$.99

Ugh!  2015 posted.  Earned .10 or .09 FDeps.  Very close to guidance.  Selloff is because Q4 was .025 vs the .04 I was expecting.  Every other qtr they get a royalty from their old printed book business in China.  Amounts to about 900K in extra top line revs.  In Q2, this resulted in a .04 eps.  I was expecting the same from Q4.  But total sales were only up 100K from last year Q4 so online sales didn't increase much.  

Overall result is still good.  Sales almost doubled for 2015 and profits were .09 vs .01.  Selling around 10X p/e.  Cheap for a high growth company.  The margins are very good for their online business so if gross sales continue to go up, profits will follow.......IF gross sales go up.......


By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Apr 12 10:52:51AM 2016

Lingo has been on a roll lately.  +.07 to C$1.04 today.  Must be because they are a QIS client!

Q4 and 2015 results should be out by monthend.  Prospects look good for a solid Q4 that matches Q2 .04 eps.  



By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Mar 30 11:25:25AM 2016

LM.v/LMDCF  +.06 to C$.82  Big low volume pop in Lingo Media today.  I still think Q4 will be a good qtr, with .04eps.  Should boost stock further to above C$1.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Feb 16 7:37:54PM 2016

LM.v/LMDCF  +.01 to C$.75  Lingo has come off it's recent highs as the market sold off.  I added last week in the low .70's.

Q4 should be a very good qtr due to Chinese royalty income and increasing overall sales.  I expect .04+eps.

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday Dec 11 8:16:54AM 2015

LM.v/LMDCF -.01 to C$.78 

Did some more research on Lingo Media. They have forecast C$.10 eps for 2015. They generated .072 thru 9 months. 

Sales trends are upwards but not evenly positive. Gross revs are a bit erratic. Here are the gross revs for qtrs ending 12/14 onwards: 
1,176, 652K, 1,795, 1,176. The resulting net incomes were 158K, 225K, 979K and 694K. 

So hard to predict gross revs and hence eps. But found out that their print business in China is pretty static and they only report it in Q2 and Q4 as royalty income. That explains why Q2 was so great and Q3 fell off in both gross revs and net income. China is about C$900K gross revs in Q2 and Q4. So expect Q4 to pop back to over C$2million in gross revs. This should ensure they hit close to C$.10 eps for 2015. Q4 will include annual bonuses and other accounting adjustments but net income should be similar and probably a tad better than Q2 number of .04eps. 

Online is where the growth is coming from for Lingo Media. In 12/14 qtr they had gross revs of 1,176. Subtract 900K for printed books and you get 276K for online revs. Fast forward to Q3 and the 1,176K revs was all online so huge growth in online revs in a year. 

The lumpiness in qtrly revs will continue but the impact of the China printed book revs will become less and less as online revs grow. 

If they earn .10eps in 2015, something like .13 looks reasonable for 2016.

So I bought some more LM.v yesterday at .79. It's a few months until they release Q4 and remember Q1 will be lower since it won't have any printed book revs but the trend appears to be higher. 

10X .10eps = C$1, currently .78. 10X .13eps = C$1.30 so decent upside from here as market sees positive earnings continue. 

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Dec 7 7:46:06PM 2015

LM.v  +.04 to C$.84  Just keeps climbing day after day.  Guess projected eps of .10 for 2015 justifies something over a buck.  

The margins for software are going to be high so LM just needs to keep sales climbing to show good profits.  Whether they can do that on a sustained basis is the issue.  That's what kept me from buying too much after the big .04eps Q2 report.  Q3 was down in sales and profits to .023.  Q4 will have year end bonuses and the accountants could alter expenses estimated earlier in the year.  

So LM.v is still a bit of a black box.  We'll see how they do in Q4 and Q1.  Definitely need to stay at least in the .02+ eps range each qtr to maintain momentum.  


By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Dec 3 8:50:20AM 2015

nice pop today. Delayed reaction??


TORONTOOct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - In the business world, English is in high demand. With international companies continuing to adopt it as their official language, English has become the language of business. In industries such as travel and tourism, hospitality, healthcare and call centers, knowing how to speak multiple languages is a necessity, while the manufacturing, services and export industries are also in desperate need of bilingual employees. That's why it's so noteworthy that Lingo Media Corporation (LM: TSX-V; LMDCF: OTCQB), a developer and marketer of English language learning products, has landed a monumental contract that will help usher in the next generation of bilingual workers and professionals in Latin America

The EdTech Company announced that Columbian online education services distribution company eDistribution SAS has selected Lingo's subsidiary, ELL Technologies Ltd., to provide a full library of more than 20,000 lessons, learning objects and digital resources to Colombia's National Learning Service (SENA) through a multi-million dollar software custom development contract. 

The Bilingual Future of Working Professionals
SENA is the largest vocational organization in Latin America, providing job training to nearly seven million individuals every year. Through the organization's bilingualism project, SENA aims to improve the foreign language levels of Columbia's workforce. 

"SENA has taken a most progressive and innovative approach to learning by structuring their program to fit the many different learning environments and requirements to further establish Colombia as a truly bilingual nation, " says Gali Bar-Ziv, President & CEO of ELL Technologies. "We are very excited to deliver the digital learning content and user experience to Latin America's leading educational institute, positively impacting language education and employment opportunities in Colombia and throughout Latin America." 

The deal will also mark major milestones for Lingo Media and its ELL Technologies subsidiary. "This contract will enable the company to achieve a number of significant milestones, said Michael Kraft," President & CEO of Lingo Media. "This partnership with eDistribution is a significant distribution milestone for the company as it greatly expands our sales and marketing platform and access in Colombia. The contact with SENA through eDistribution is a major corporate milestone given SENA's enormous market importance for English language learning in Columbia and its reputation as a leading government agency in Colombia and throughout Latin America. At the same time, the contract win will enable us to achieve significant revenue milestones for this year. Furthermore, the end result of this custom project will be a major product development milestone for the company as we developing the largest digital English language learning content library in the world." 

ELL Technologies on a Mission to Empower Educators
This monumental deal with Colombia follows the recent release of ELL Technologies' inaugural cross-platform kids program, Winnie's World. With audio assistance in their native language, pre-schoolers without prior knowledge of the English language will utilize the Winnie's World to learn over 500 English vocabulary words, and lessons that include numbers, colors, clothing, family, food and feelings. 

"Looking at the next five years into both technology and where we see education going to a point where a teacher or instructor is empowered," said Bar-Ziv. "The approach of just throwing content at a student has not been a successful one. What our company offers is a solution that enables an educator to offer different variations of the content, whether it's enrichment for the strong students, or further work on the fundamentals for developing students. Teachers or instructors will have the ability to choose lessons and resources recommended to them based on our system's understanding of each individual student's progress." 

ELL Technologies Continues to Thrive 
Lingo Media and its subsidiary ELL Technologies continues to build their international presence with innovative software and significant contracts. With an established sales pipeline into the Latin American market and having secured the most significant language learning development contract to date in Latin America with SENA, ELL Technologies now has the opportunity to approach other government agencies responsible for vocational training throughout the region and abroad. By 'Changing the way the world learns English', Lingo Media and ELL Technologies not only educate; they empower instructors, students and working professionals with language tools to succeed in their career and life aspirations. 

To learn more about Lingo Media and ELL Technologies, visit

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By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Nov 30 6:55:57AM 2015

LM.v  +.09 to C$.77

Earned .023 eps to follow up on .04 in Q2.  Most of profits came from online software.  They gave guidance of .10 eps for 2015 and that appears reasonable given the last two qtrs of profits.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Nov 25 11:40:47AM 2015

LM.v  +.03 to C$.67  Lingo Media keeps climbing.  The company is presenting at a small cap conference in the US.  Company appears to want to promote the stock.  Still waiting for financials.  Very close to a double for me but I didn't buy much because I was afraid they wouldn't be able to consistently sustain their last qtr results.  We'll find out pretty quick as Q3 is due by monthend.  

Then there will be the long wait for annual results and possible profit taking near year end.  


By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Nov 5 9:44:48AM 2015

LM.v  +.03 to C$.63  Lingo Media keeps climbing into earnings.  We'll see how stock does after earnings.  Hoping this is a good medium term hold.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Oct 22 8:26:10AM 2015

LM.v  +.065 to C$.53   Lingo Media has been moving up recently and popped today.  Earnings coming up in the next few weeks so investors must be expecting good news.  Not sure recent sales announcements will ramp smoothly into topline revs but company guidance is for similar trends in 2nd half of 2015 to first half.  Since Q2 was a record .04eps, continuation would lead to a much higher share price.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Sep 30 6:50:30AM 2015

LM.v  +.03 to C$.405

Multi million contract to develop online educational resources for Colombian governmental agency.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Aug 27 9:41:23AM 2015

LM.v/LMDCF +.085 to C$.375 

Bought a small position at .375 Didn't see the PR until a few minutes ago. If they can maintain anything close to .04/qtr, this is a steal but BIG IF. Bobwins 

Lingo Media teaches English online and thru print material. Big increase in sales to Latin America in Q2 lead to big jump in revs and net profit of .04eps. 

The online component surged in Q2 and exceeded printed material for the first time. Appears to be scalable and company guidance is pretty good.... 

Michael Kraft continued, "During the second half of 2015, we expect our revenue growth and profitability to trend in a similar fashion as to the first half of 2015. We look forward to providing our shareholders with updates as we continue to achieve sales and earnings milestones."

Recent PR shows recent big sale. 

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