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LTK.V $0.14 Wins $28 million contract

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By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jun 21 12:29:51PM 2011

Bobwins I do collection work for lenders and regrettably a demand by creditors of this type is often the kiss of death. Not likely to recover.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Sep 23 8:19:33AM 2010

LTK.v +.02 to C$.22 Very low volume of 35K traded but still moving up smartly in the last week. Announcements keep coming and LTK still has the big $28million dollar contract to work on. Recent sales levels seem to be assured by the backlog so each new contract should be accretive to earnings. LTK has good gross margins.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Sep 21 5:41:38PM 2010

Fwiw I did some legal work for a client who works at lyrtech and he was quite enthused about the prospects of the company. I noticed an insider has been scooping up shares and has built up quite a position. This is one of those companies that can see an increase in share price 10 fold and more if they can get their technology accepted and raise money. A google search indicates that their product seems to be the standard in a nascent industry.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Sep 14 9:35:28AM 2010

ltk.v hot today +.02 to C$.19 on 147K volume. I have been trying to add a few more shares this week but never dropped to my bid. Started at .14 and am now bidding .17 to no avail.

By PAndreola

Posted: Tuesday Jul 13 6:17:32AM 2010

Tara, the margins on this contract will be slightly lower than previous numbers as the product is being manufactured by a third party. This particular contract is already financed through an alliance with the contract manufacturer. The CEO did mention that he expects to be able to address the negative capital issue, particularly the short term debt, but he did not give me an indication as to how.

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