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Market Meltdown

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By mrjones321

Posted: Monday Jan 28 10:15:49AM 2008

Interesting to see Asia stocks plummet overnight and then to see the US/Canadian markets open higher. It looks like the American Canadian markets are trying to find a base right now but with all this uncertainty with the subprime still having to unfold I dont know how confident anyone can be right now that a bottom has been found or if it is indeed a dead cat bounce.

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Wednesday Jan 23 1:31:16PM 2008

Nothing too exciting to talk about in terms of my recent trading activity. My last buys and sells were flips of HWO and BGL back in mid-December. I have not been that active and am content to sit on majority cash right now until some stability returns. There are many interesting potential opportunities out there such as STC, HYD, CMI, SER etc., however I am only placing low bids at the moment and am in no rush to buy anything.

By mrjones321

Posted: Monday Jan 21 9:53:57AM 2008

Since I started this post a week ago it appears that we are down approx 1500 in 6 trading days. Interestingly enough Asia is falling suite. What is going to interesting the next few days is how commodities fall in relation with the down turn. If all commodities hit the bricks then the TSX will see a lot more down side as well our Canadian dollar will follow its downward path much faster. As for the Asian markets they may see a bigger collapse as they are so overvalued. Now the million dollar question is if Asia collapses and the North America is recovering then will we still be dragged down because of them or are we going to be immune from their drop. Or are we all just going to fall in lock step all the way down together. I guess time will tell but things are really looking ugly.

By PAndreola

Posted: Thursday Jan 17 12:29:04PM 2008

Prospector, I agree with you. I think the asian markets are a lot more leveraged to the western markets then most people think and I also believe that they are due for a very bumpy ride. The chinese are dealing with pretty rampant inflationary pressures which the government has stated they will try to control. I expect this year to be a difficult one for the general markets and it will be even more important then ever to be a "stock picker" in these times.

By mrjones321

Posted: Wednesday Jan 16 5:58:08PM 2008

TSX now down 620 points in 2 days.

By mrjones321

Posted: Tuesday Jan 15 6:20:00PM 2008

With the market meltdown happening I wonder if this is not only going to be a US market meltdown but then will this become an asian meltdown. The US market has fallen quite a bit and the asian markets have risen a fair bit. I think the asian market has over done it and could take a huge fall in the coming months. So will both markets fall in tandem? Or will it be more of a US only correction and no Asian correction. Or will it be a US correction now and an Asian correction later? Its really hard to say how things will play out but I am curious as to what others think will happen with not only the stock market but the economies.

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