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Maxim Resources - MXM

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By mel

Posted: Saturday May 6 8:54:07AM 2006

As digger said a month ago, impending news (land acquisition, drill results, etc.) has been rumoured for some time, but nothing of significance has yet been announced. Is this news simply "wishful thinking" on the part of investors with nothing better to do with their time? Are people out there still holding? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

By digger

Posted: Saturday Apr 8 11:05:36AM 2006

Now that MXM has gone full circle in the last month, and is now at a price ($0.27) below what many of us have paid, does anyone have any thoughts or opinions. This "rumoured news" has been rumoured for a month. Admittedly we could have sold at a 25% gain in that short time, but I was and am still hoping for more upside. Any thoughts? Or am I the only one left holding?

By grafikgurl

Posted: Wednesday Apr 5 8:10:05AM 2006

Here is an article that may be of an interest. Another Barnett Shale play is Truestar Petroleum (TCP-V). eResearch initiated a speculative buy on March 24 with price target at $0.75. any comments/opinions? gg

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Mar 20 10:15:20AM 2006

Holding steady at .36 and ready to move upward to .40-.50 range!

By largeinvest

Posted: Saturday Mar 11 3:54:59AM 2006

Up 23% so far. Where is that new guy that joined my board, are you following this?

By largeinvest

Posted: Wednesday Mar 8 2:03:01PM 2006

Large has bought in at .30, nice pick. News soon is rumoured.

By digger

Posted: Friday Mar 10 5:53:13PM 2006

Nice call, guys...up 0.065 to 0.37 today. Nice to see it break through 0.33! Next week could be interesting.

By highlander

Posted: Wednesday Mar 8 9:13:31AM 2006

Does anyone follow this co.? In the last week or so its price has surged from 0.20 to low 0.30s, and seems to be building support now in the 0.28-0.30 range (with a 52 week range of 0.15-0.95). They own some interests in Texas wells, and further drilling is currently underway. Is the recent advance due to drill result expectations? Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Canadian Small Caps

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