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Maya Gold and Silver inc. (MYA.V)

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By JeffCourteau

Posted: Tuesday Jun 2 3:54:49AM 2015

Thanks a lot for your reply! Also looking at the silver price, it seems to be up for a good kick, it began taking a very little bit of value lately, but stil around a 5 years low...

I think I'm gonna give a try at MYA.V, anyway, it's not a big risk, at that price, 10,000 shares won't break my bank :-)

Have a good one!

J-F Courteau

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Jun 1 4:41:56PM 2015

Hard to figure how they will make a profit. 500,000 oz of silver X $5/oz margin= $2,500,000/yr.  SG&A is around that figure and so is finance expenses so cashflow appears to be headed for a negative 2.5 to 3million/yr.  They have been raising funds but if they are not close to breakeven cashflow after mine is in full production, will they be able to continue raising funds?

$30 million market cap doesn't sound like much but 12 million oz isn't a big reserve of silver.  They appear to have some decent prospects to increase the reserves but this mine already had a mill.  Don't know if they can increase reserves and still truck the ore to the existing mill.  

If silver were rising in value, this might be a nice speculation. The existing mill gives them a big head start but silver needs to move substantially higher before I can see them comfortably earning a profit.  


By JeffCourteau

Posted: Monday Jun 1 8:30:30AM 2015

Hi everyone! First post here for me, so please be indulgent :-)

I started practicing a few weeks ago, and I'm in for my first real-life transaction. In practice, in a month, I made 50% profit starting with 20k, and I hope I'll have the same kind of return in real life!

I stumbled upon a stock that was in the top losers last week on the TSX Venture (MYA.V), but watching the news, the outlook seems very promising. Currently selling at 0.23$ per share, just about to turn profit in, it is an exploitation stage mining company that digs in Morocco and is based in Quebec. Balance sheet seems awful at first, but they're actually pouring and selling silver, are about to repay a good part of their debt, and they have excellent and very positive press coverage in Morocco. They were a top 5 pick last week on

What do you guys think about it? Seems promising? I personnaly say it's a strong buy, but I'd like your thoughts.

Have a good trading day!

Jeff Courteau

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