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Metallum Resources - MRV.V Trading well below net cash

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By PAndreola

Posted: Thursday Dec 13 11:04:22AM 2012

Hi Doren, I hope you're doing well.

I've been picking up MRV and a few others like it that have a heavy cash position. There are a number of them that are trading under their net cash value. The value based investor in me can't pass these up. It let's me sleep a little better at night knowing they will at least be around for a while and since these guys have a pretty good management team and know the business I'm sure they will be able to find a good project at a good price since we are in buyers market for mining projects. The only problem with these is they can require a lot of patience. I'll take a good look at Cobra.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Dec 11 11:28:01AM 2012

This one looks very interesting.  Kind of reminds me of Cobra Venture which everyone here knows.  They bought some real estate with their property sale proceeds and investors likely won't give them any value until after they dispose of that asset again or prove how much it's worth.  They have close to $0.50 per share in cash and property trading at $0.22.

This MRV is intriguing but I guess it depends on what they do with that capital.  Cash is king right now so these guys are in a great position to be finding a new project.  Keep us all informed and I'll continue to watch it.


By PAndreola

Posted: Friday Dec 7 11:24:00AM 2012

Here is a bottom fishing candidate.

Metallum Resources - MRV.V

Company has 71 million shares out.

Last trade $0.065

It's run by a very qualified group of individuals with considerable amount of past and current success.

They currently have just shy of $8.5 million in cash, no debt.

Market cap - $4.6 million

They are looking for a new project.

It's a buyers market for projects. These guys have the brains and the cash to find something significant




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