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By Gee

Posted: Monday Oct 27 10:51:27AM 2003

Thanks for the update ... still trying to decide if this is a buying opportunity or if I should be selling? What are other folks doing? Gee

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Oct 27 10:26:53AM 2003

I have received some third party feedback on Netco but nothing substantial. Apparently the resignation of Don Sharpe has to do with a change in direction for the business. No further details were available. Production numbers and drilling results were not updated. I hope to have more information later this week or early next week.

By bobone

Posted: Friday Oct 24 11:08:42PM 2003

Haggar do you know is John Hislop still involved with NEI or has he walked as well?

By Fordy

Posted: Friday Oct 24 10:36:08AM 2003

Thanks Gee;When I saw QIS buy this I also bought.First time I did that,but looking over their past performance it sort of gives me faith in those guys.Thx again,Fordy

By Gee

Posted: Friday Oct 24 10:25:17AM 2003

Fordy, Donald Sharpe has resigned as president, secretary and director of Netco Energy. RJ did some dumping, but they were also doing a lot of dumping last month @ 40 cents. A bit of panic selling too I assume ... next Q results should tell the real story. Gee.

By Fordy

Posted: Friday Oct 24 9:34:36AM 2003

Very interesting.I bought in at .45.Downhill ever since.Anyone know why?

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Oct 23 8:16:22AM 2003

I was definitely not expecting this turn of events. I am trying to figure out the cause and implications. I notice that Don Sharpe also resigned from his other companies GNI and NEGY. Perhaps health issues - I have no idea! If anyone else hears could they please post. Thank You!

By Gee

Posted: Thursday Oct 23 6:42:53AM 2003

2003-10-23 05:12 ET - News Release Mr. Chris Schultze reports THE COMPANY ANNOUNCES THE RESIGNATION OF MR. DONALD SHARPE Donald Sharpe has resigned as president, secretary and director of Netco Energy and its subsidiary effective Oct. 21, 2003. The company would like to thank Mr. Sharpe for his many years of service and wishes him much success in his future endeavours. As a result of the forgoing, the board of directors has appointed Chris Schultze as president of the company and Michael Schoen as a director of the company.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Oct 21 7:11:16PM 2003

Unfortunately I have left a number of messages with Don Sharpe but I have not received a return call. This typically turns me off immediately on a situation but the potential numbers for Netco look very appealing. I will not be adding further to my position until I get some confirmation from management.

By Tommy V

Posted: Tuesday Oct 21 4:41:39PM 2003

Hows it going Doren, I was wondering if you came accross any new information on NEI. The reason I ask is that I noticed that you purchased some more at 46 cents. Anything you could share would be appreciated. Thanks

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