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Netco Energy

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By golf

Posted: Wednesday Mar 2 1:40:47PM 2005

nice run today! up over 20%, been holding for quite awhile anybody hear any news GOLF

By cussy

Posted: Thursday Feb 17 5:04:14PM 2005

1) Insider picks up a big chunk (options or warrants I think) 2) Farm in Deal 3) Canaccord buying yesterday 4) Desjardins buying today... 5) ??????????????? Is this one "in play" again??? hmmmm Cussy

By gfi

Posted: Friday Jan 14 8:01:24AM 2005

I am a newbie and have been following QIS for quite some time. I would like to know who John Hislop is.I have seen a lot of info about investors following him on this forim.Thanks

By cussy

Posted: Wednesday Aug 25 5:24:50PM 2004

NETCO up today... But what is most encouraging isthe increase in volume... We have seen a steady .50 . I was ex[pecting this move to brake that level. A rise in price with a rise in volume is a very good sign. I would suspect that news is right around the corner andperhaps the increase in volume is the smart money making a move before the financials come out shortly. VERY VERY ENCOURAGING!!! Cussy, the Windsurfer:)

By cussy

Posted: Monday Aug 16 7:26:31PM 2004

Gemini reported today... A little lower than I was expecting... However, much of it was due to increase in spending to get the company REALLY GOING... NETCO should be releasing earnings VERY SOON. I will scrutinize there earnings... Long term, this one will produce a very nice return IMHO... They have a lot going on, and the underlying prices are still fantastic given the shares out. I would be a little more concerned if we had 100 million shares out, but I believe there is something like only 17 million FULLY DILUTED... We are in good shape... The news should give us a clear picture of where we are and of what the rest of the year will bring... I am interested to see cash position and recent expenditures... Like I said... The next release will give us a good indication as to what is really going on... I am watching close!!! Cussy, the Windsurfer:)

By phil

Posted: Tuesday Aug 10 8:03:28PM 2004

Hi Doren et al, I have been following QIS and the forum for a year or so now and have started trading some of the oil stocks. I sold Bison today for a nice 25% gain and am wondering what your read is on NEI? I notice you have added some to your portfolio. When do they report next? thanks, Phil

By cussy

Posted: Thursday Jun 24 3:41:42PM 2004

MORE NEWS!! Netco Energy Inc NEI Shares issued 7,474,329 Jun 23 close $0.50 Thu 24 Jun 2004 Private Placement - Debenture Convertible debentur$1-million Conversion price: convertible into units consisting of one common share and one common share purchase warrant at 55 cents of principal outstanding in years one and year two and at 61 cents in year three Maturity date: three years from date of issuance Warrants: each warrant will have a term of two years from the date of issuance and will entitle the holder to purchase one common share. The warrants are exercisable at the price of 55 cents in the first and second year of conversion and at 61 cents in the third year of conversion. Interest rate: 15 per cent per year, calculated semi-annually and paid quarterly in arrears Default: in the event of default the debentureholders may elect: (a) to receive payment of principal plus interest in common shares, priced in accordance with exchange policies; or (b) the debentureholders may demand repayment through forced liquidation of assets Placees: two placees Insider: John Hislop $500,000

By cussy

Posted: Thursday Jun 24 3:40:44PM 2004

NEWS Netco Energy Inc NEI Shares issued 7,474,329 Jun 23 close $0.50 Thu 24 Jun 2004 Private Placement The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced March 22, 2004. No. of shares: two million flow-through shares Price: 44 cents per share Warrants: two million share purchase warrants to purchase two million flow-through shares. The flow-through rights attached to the warrants will terminate if the warrants are not exercise within 18 months from closing. Thereafter the warrants may be exercised for non-flow-through shares. Warrant price: 55 cents for a two-year period Placees: two placees Insider: John Hislop one million

By cussy

Posted: Wednesday Apr 21 7:07:20PM 2004

Financials should be out by Mid may... Perhaps sooner... They will be FANTASTIC... I suspect they will be between .32 - .38 / share US... At a PE of 10, that puts GNI at $3.60 US/share ... Curently it is at $3.55 CANADIAN!!!! Also, that is a rediculously low PE considering what is happening with 2004 where we could easily be over .50 US / Share well before 2004 ends... Also, this is not considering at all the reserve potential that might just quadrupal if they approve 5 acre drill spacing... Currently 40 acre and in test study with 20 acre spacing that has only recieved thumbs up... This thing is very exciting and basically unknown... GNI is poised to do a masive increase in revenue in 2004 as more and more wells are tied into the production flow... I suggest anyone interested in NEI take a close look at GNI... This is one heck of a story developing... Hope that helps oilspout... Cussy

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Apr 20 8:22:52PM 2004

Great numbers Cussy. Especially the 33% growth in reserves under the stricter NI 51-101 reporting requirements. When are the financials due and what are you expecting?

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Jan 27 7:59:39AM 2004

Doren, I agree with your comments. 15% interest is absurd with the prime where it is. 8 to 10% would be more reasonable. Also a very big discount to Fridays close(0.60).Why? A lot of dilution coming out of this. I am not impressed.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Jan 27 7:27:54AM 2004

Obviously I am following this one very closely. I have to admit that I am not too thrilled with their press release today. The covertible debenture has a very high interest rate and a low conversion rate. Then they threw a fairly expensive investor relations agreement with options on top of that. Finally they threw a slew of options to officers and directors. I guess they were trying to get everything out at once. I am not adverse to rewarding employees and consultants but this press release struck me as pretty much a free gift to the insiders. Other comments?

By oilspout

Posted: Monday Jan 26 6:45:40PM 2004

A wild day for Netco today. Touched its 52 week high, then the volume exploded and the price plumetted. The selling I believe was the Ex President selling off his holdings through Raymond James. The stock bounced back nicely though so I believe many investors saw it as a buying opportunity. Incredibly, nearly a third of the outstanding shares changed hands today. With the large block overhanging the market now gone (I hope), we could have a nice move up from here. Will be watching tomorrow. Anyone else following this one today?

By stocklad

Posted: Wednesday Dec 24 2:23:05PM 2003

Anyone know why trading was halted today?

By oilspout

Posted: Saturday Dec 20 6:11:09AM 2003

Netco had a nice run last week and is poised to test the 52 week high in the next week or two. With oil and gas prices where they are Netco should have no problem earning $0.10 in Q4, bringing full 2003 earnings in at $0.33. With even a modest P/E of 5, we could be at $1.50 or more. Sister company Gemini(GNI) had a very nice run last week as well, as the market is beginning to recognize undervalued situations. This one in my opinion fits the bill as an undervalued situation by any measure and the balance sheet is squeaky clean.

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Dec 15 7:20:00AM 2003

I know three brokers at Canaccord that have been buying. I spoke with one of them on Friday and he said that Netco was currently his favourite oil and gas pick. Another broker there has been buying both Gemini (which is run by the same management group) and Netco. I am not aware of any takeover rumours, just general buying from this institution.

By Gee

Posted: Monday Dec 8 2:53:36PM 2003

Stock firmed up a bit at the close today ... 50K bid came in @ 39 ... hope this is a sign we will start getting some attention. gee

By Gee

Posted: Monday Dec 8 9:07:04AM 2003

I agree the lack of news is disturbing especially since they hand such a good quarter. Having said that I did add to my position last week picking up another 5K Ö with the 4th quarter results expected to be good, if not better than the 3rd quarter and ng gas up 25% I am just going to sit tight for the next few months and see how it plays out Ö I donít think there is too much downside from here and the up side could be quite significant. gee

By oilspout

Posted: Thursday Dec 4 7:07:41AM 2003

Agreed. The disclosure is sub-par. No production numbers given or guidance. I suspect they probably met the minimum reporting reqirements however. Perhaps Doren can comment on this aspect please. The numbers themselves do look good, however. Will continue to hold this one.

By bobone

Posted: Wednesday Dec 3 9:07:45PM 2003

Gee when I talked with Chris Schultze I asked about a website and he said no plans for one.

By oilspout

Posted: Saturday Nov 29 6:17:16AM 2003

Netco reported their earnings on Sedar on Friday Nov 28. Get this. Nine month earnings of $0.23 a share. Currently has 11 producing wells with 4 more awaiting tie-in. Trading at $0.38 a share makes this one of the best bargains around. They should earn over $0.30 a share for the year.

By bobone

Posted: Tuesday Nov 25 8:38:05PM 2003

Has anyone been able to get any news out of the company? It sure would be nice to know what their long range plans are. Their numbers look good but were not seeing that reflected in the stock price just yet. Most likely due to the lack of news from the company. I would have thought we might see something from them especially with an IR guy in charge. I guess its more wait and see. I will try to call them tomorrow if I can get anything will post.

By oilspout

Posted: Wednesday Nov 19 10:02:44AM 2003

Volume on the bid seems to be picking up in anticipation of next weeks earnings. Looks very solid at $0.40. New high next week?

By Gee

Posted: Saturday Nov 15 8:00:54AM 2003

Great News OilSpot, Thanks for the update. Gee.

By oilspout

Posted: Tuesday Nov 11 7:09:10PM 2003

Spoke to the new head guy (Chris Schultze). Would not give me guidance on earnings but did mention a decent well just drilled and currently being completed. Currently producing from 8 or 9 wells with several more awaiting tie-in. $0.16 EPS for the first half, no reason to expect less in second half except for the dilution from warrants. I like this one.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Nov 11 10:09:38AM 2003

Large cross of 100,000 shares on Netco today. Has anyone heard anything? The next financial results should be out in the next few weeks. I will be attempting to speak with management again shortly. Selling appears to be drying up.

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